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The Super Mario Bros. Cast Has Ideas For Other Potential Nintendo Movies

Since "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" cleaned up at the box office within its first week in theaters, a sequel is practically inevitable. A potential second "Mario" movie won't have to dig too far into the expansive "Mario" universe for material either, given certain characters' conspicuous absences from "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" priming them for key roles in a possible film franchise's future. Alternatively, of course, Nintendo could opt not to make a second "Mario" movie and mine its extensive catalog of iconic video game characters for new film projects instead.

Charlie Day, who voices Luigi in the new "Mario" movie, shares in a video by GameSpot Universe that he thinks Nintendo should adapt the "Luigi's Mansion" spinoff series into a film. "I'm not just saying this just 'cause I'm Luigi. I mean, I genuinely would — even if I hadn't been cast as Luigi — I would have wanted to see a 'Luigi's Mansion' movie," he says. While his interview partner and voice of movie Mario Chris Pratt is initially skeptical, Day wins over his co-star by describing the project as a Nintendo-fied take on the horror classic "The Shining."

This is just one of many video game movie ideas that Day, Pratt, and Donkey Kong voice actor Seth Rogen outline over the course of their interview, suggesting that Nintendo possesses a wealth of options for their next film adaptation.

Some of the Nintendo movies the Super Mario Bros. Movie cast wants to see include Metroid and Zelda

While Charlie Day, Chris Pratt, and Seth Rogen simply rattle off the names of various video games they think would make for good movies during their GameSpot Universe interview — like "Contra," "Mega Man," and even "Ikari Warriors" — one title all three actors agree is well-suited to a film adaptation is Nintendo's "Metroid." "I wanna see what Mother Brain looks like," Pratt says.

Pratt likewise thinks that the "Zelda" franchise is ripe for adaptation, given the increased importance of narrative to "Zelda" games compared to the average "Mario" title. "'Zelda' kind of is a narrative in the game that you're playing," he says. "'Mario' they kind of had to come up with a reason — come up with a story — who are these characters, and all that stuff."

While not a first-party Nintendo title, Day and Pratt both perk up at the idea of a "Street Fighter" film, before Pratt remembers that a "Street Fighter" adaptation already came out in 1994. "Time for a remake," Day says. "But please cast [Jean-Claude] Van Damme again."

While as recently as a month ago, these ideas could all have seemed nigh impossible, the major box office success of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" may well have paved the way for a "Zelda" or "Metroid" film in Nintendo's future.