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GLOW Season 2 Trailer: The Gorgeous Ladies Are Ready To Fight Back

When it comes to getting what you want and what you deserve, you either GLOW big, or you GLOW home. 

Netflix chose the first option when it released the full-length trailer for GLOW season 2, which throws the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling back into the ring for a new kind of fight.

From issues of sexual harassment, the torrid nature of love affairs, and the show within the show getting the ax, Ruth (Alison Brie), Debbie (Betty Gilpin), and the whole gang have plenty of troubles to work through. It'll be hard, it'll hurt, and they might need a hero (shoutout to the killer use of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" in the clip), but if the first season of the series is anything to go by, there's nothing too big that the women can't handle.

Check out the brightly colored, butt-kicking trailer for GLOW season 2 above. 

Though GLOW takes place in the 1980s, its subject matter is redolent of our modern society. As evidenced by this new footage, the fast-approaching second season will introduce a new male character, presumably someone who works for the network that airs GLOW, sexually assaulting Ruth. It's suggested that when Ruth attempts to shut down his advances, he exacts his revenge by pulling the plug on GLOW and placing it with a men's wrestling show. Sounds pretty darn similar to the accounts of workplace harassment that have emerged through the #MeToo movement, no? 

Additionally, GLOW season 2 will explore how dangerous racial stereotypes in the media are. The first season of the series saw Arthie Premkumar (Sunita Mani) and Tammé Dawson (Kia Stevens) take on the on-stage monikers "Beirut the Mad Bomber" and "Welfare Queen," and the narrative highlighted the racist misconceptions associated with the characters and their backgrounds. Season 2 is apparently aiming to dive even deeper. As Arthie says in the trailer, "My costume still smells like beer and racism." And when a fan calls Tammé by her stage name and her son gets offended, Tammé explains that she's not the "only offensive character — everyone's offensive."

It's hard out here for the chicks of GLOW, but fans will have to wait until the show returns on June 29 to see if they can come out on top.