Outer Banks Fans Agree That John B And JJ Have One Of The Best Friendships

In "Outer Banks" Season 3, a romance comes to fruition between protagonists JJ Maybank (Rudy Pankow) and Kiara Carrera (Madison Bailey), leading someĀ fans to think that JJ and Kiara are the main event of Season 3. Meanwhile, JJ is also best friends with series lead John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes), who "Outer Banks" viewers told Looper is their favorite character. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, given their popularity, plenty of fans agree that John B's dynamic with JJ is among some of the very best friendships on the show.

A couple months after "Outer Banks" Season 3 dropped in its entirety on Netflix, one user started a thread on the series' subreddit titled, "I'll forever adore their friendship more than anybody's else's on this show." The post itself simply consists of a photo of JJ backing John B, and a brief sentence about the strength of their bond.

As it turns out, the "Outer Banks" fanbase on Reddit responded enthusiastically to this simple dedication to John B and JJ, as evidenced by more than 300 upvotes and a healthy discussion of their friendship among commenters.

Fans think that John B and JJ maintain a brotherly dynamic

In the most-upvoted response to this Reddit thread about John B and JJ's friendship, user SoapyWaters24 agreed with the original poster's praise. "Very glad we got to see more of them this newest season," they wrote.

Meanwhile, user saralqu singled out a couple of moments in which their care for each other is apparent, including a Season 2 scene where John B screams upon seeing JJ in trouble. User samc263 then shared their appreciation for a scene in which JJ intervenes in a fight on John B's behalf, and added, "he does not play about his brother."

On a similar note, user pogueprincess replied that they enjoy how these two characters can sometimes come to blows while having each other's best interests at heart in an altogether brotherly manner. User Sun_ReaderReni_09 simply enjoys all aspects of John B's friendship with JJ, writing, "Yes! Their lines, their chemistry, everything!"

Friendships are at the very core of "Outer Banks," between both its main protagonists and some of the principle antagonists at the start of the show. On a series full of close friends, then, John B and JJ stand out to plenty of fans as the foremost example of a close and supportive friendship.