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This The Fairly OddParents Theory Changes Everything About Jorgen Von Strangle

"The Fairly Oddparents" is the source of numerous iconic animated characters, from Timmy Turner (Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tara Strong) to his fairies Cosmo (Daran Norris) and Wanda (Susanne Blakeslee). There's also the brutish, hulking leader of the fairies, Jorgen Von Strangle (Norris), who periodically pops up on the show to enforce the supposedly important book titled "Da Rules": a set of protocols, procedures, and guidelines to keep fairies in line. While the series makes his motives of keeping fairy magic from destroying the universe plain, a fan theory from The Film Theorists on YouTube paints the Nickelodeon staple's desires in an entirely different light.

In the episode "School's Out!: The Musical," Timmy makes a big mistake when he wishes for kids to run the world. Thus, since kids no longer have use for their fairies, Jorgen rounds them all up and sends them back to Fairy World. Due to a loophole hidden in Da Rules, the dull, corporate Pixies are then able to take over Fairy World. The Film Theorists suggest that, as the keeper of Da Rules, Jorgen is in on this plan for two reasons. First, he needs fairies back in Fairy World to help fix it up, as it's shown to be in rough shape many times. Second, he wants to raise a fairy army to take out an ancient evil known as the Darkness.

Overall, this theory is pretty dark. Sure, Jorgen isn't the nicest fairy around, but rounding up his fellow fairies to use them as workers and cannon fodder? That's pretty messed up. While the first reason might be a bit of a stretch, the second might hold some weight given what we've learned about him on "Fairly Oddparents."

There could be more to Jorgen and Fairy World than meets the eye

Long before the events of "The Fairly Oddparents," there was a major conflict between the fairies of Fairy World and the Darkness. The mysterious entity unleashed hordes of Eliminators for the fairies to combat, though it couldn't overcome the magical warriors. The fairies worked together to form a powerful beam of light that defeated the Darkness for a time, but it wasn't entirely destroyed. It's worth noting that the fairies of this era were nothing like Cosmo and Wanda. They were massive, muscular, and tough. They resembled Jorgen Von Strangle, who claims in "Wishology!" to be a fairy warrior himself.

Therefore, if he was present for the war against the Darkness, it would only make sense that Jorgen would want to round up the fairies by any means necessary to prepare for another conflict. Although, the matter of Jorgen's large stature has given way to another intriguing theory. Redditor u/Pm_Me_Gifs_For_Sauce wonders if the inhabitants of Fairy World have been genetically engineered over time to make fairies more suited for young children. So, whatever group or individual is behind such things ensured that fairies of Jorgen's build went out of style, cutting off the line of fairy warriors that defended Fairy World generations ago.

Then again, maybe Jorgen Von Strangle is just a big, muscled-up parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger-like action heroes and nothing more.