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Batman: White Knight: Are The Joker's Children Destined To Become Him? - Exclusive

In Sean Murphy's "White Knight" DC Universe, there is a very different version of the Joker that longtime readers are used to. In the alternate universe, the Joker tried to change himself to become a better man, becoming Jack Napier while attempting to abandon his dark past. However, despite Harley Quinn being pregnant with his children, Jack could not escape becoming the Clown Prince of Crime, leading to Quinn killing him before he could fully turn back. As a result, Harley gave birth to her two children, Bryce and Jackie, while developing a relationship with Batman/Bruce Wayne. 

While Bryce and Jackie Napier have struggled in a world without ever knowing their dad, the "White Knight" series has teased a dark future for both youngsters — with Jackie already mastering her father's maniacal laugh. In "Batman: White Knight Presents – Generation Joker" #1, by DC Comics, Jackie and Bryce steal the Batmobile and follow an A.I. hologram of their father to learn more about his life. But are the two children destined to become new versions of the Joker? In an exclusive interview, Looper spoke to artists Katana Collins and Clay McCormack about what's in store for the Joker's son and daughter.

Jackie and Bryce are heading down a dark path

Katana Collins and Clay McCormack explained that both Bryce and, especially, Jackie are going through a natural rebellious phase, which is amped up by their own difficulties in navigating their futures. Jackie and Bryce clearly feel like a dark fate is possible as the children of the Joker, and finally experiencing Jack Napier as an A.I. and learning more about his history seems to be sending them down a particular path. McCormack brought up the question of whether the inner conflict of the Joker's children was a choice or whether it was their destiny.

"There's a certain 'ghost of Christmas future' element to what's going on and what they are learning about their father and who their father was and what might lay ahead for them if they decide to travel down that road," McCormack said. "Ultimately, that's what it comes down to. Is it a choice or is it destiny? It might differ between the two of them, which one they think it actually is."

Can the Joker's children avoid their destiny?

Clay McCormack said both Jackie and Bryce are excited about meeting their father but are confused by the bizarre situation of speaking with an A.I. version of Jack Napier. Catana Collins added that while Jackie got to see a version of her father in "Batman: Beyond the White Knight," Bryce hasn't gotten the same chance. 

"For [Bryce, it's] that moment of, 'Oh my God. Dad's here in front of me, and we get to go on a road trip?'" Collins described. "Especially for Bryce, who didn't have any moment with his father during the previous part, that's a big moment and epiphany. For Jackie as well — her moments with her dad were very fleeting during 'Beyond.'"

Jackie and Bryce can deny their destiny and choose not to become the next iteration of the Joker. But with Jackie already showing she has some of the dark traits of the villain side of her dad, she may become a future version of the Clown Prince of Crime. However, the "White Knight" universe could be setting up a bait-and-switch; Bryce, the A-plus student, the momma's boy, and the child you wouldn't expect to turn evil, might be the one who ends up like the Joker. But regardless of what happens, it appears a collision course between the Joker's children and their father's legacy is inevitable.

Readers can learn more about the Joker's children's fate when "Batman: White Knight Presents – Generation Joker" #1, by DC Comics, arrives in comic book stores on May 9.