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Band Of Brothers Fans Feel The Series Was Cast To Perfection

It's hard to believe that it's been over two decades since HBO first aired the World War II mini-series, "Band of Brothers." For many fans, that length of time may not have any meaning since the 2001 ten-installment series is not only timeless but endlessly re-watchable. With producers like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, "Band of Brothers" gave viewers incredible writing, music, cinematography, and what many fans consider one of the greatest TV casts ever assembled. At this point, it's hard to imagine anyone but Damian Lewis portraying Richard D. Winters, Ron Livingston playing his best friend Lewis Nixon, or Scott Grimes wearing the boots of Donald G. Malarkey. These are only a few of those who made up this incredible list of actors.

As much as "Band of Brothers" continues to be timeless, so are the discussions amongst fans. U/BunyipPouch proposed the legitimate question, "Did 'Band of Brothers' assemble the best cast of all time?" U/RumHam_ImSorry chimed in with, "Damian Lewis is particularly great as Major Winters. Although the whole cast really shines." One particular fact that many online users point out is that the cast included many up-and-coming actors that had yet to make a name for themselves, such as Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, and Colin Hanks. "They were all unknowns at the time," pointed out u/SnuggleMonster15. "Sure, they all ended up huge stars but they weren't at the time." For those new faces, this very well may have been the series that got their careers rolling.

David Schwimmer was the most recognizable name

When you push aside all the incredible achievements "Band of Brothers" accomplished and zero in on just the casting, that path leads mainly to the award-winning Meg Liberman. Although the cast can be seen as an ensemble, Liberman's choice of the main players included many unknowns at the time. "I feel the best part of casting is making discoveries," Liberman told CNN in 2019. "And there's something about working on something [historical] because it goes beyond the casting. It goes beyond the actors themselves." For "Band of Brothers," the most notable name at the time would probably be "Friends" star David Schwimmer, who played the unbearable drill sergeant Herbert M. Sobel. But this fame didn't matter as this perfect cast equally contributed to the series' success.

When sifting through comments about the epic series, it takes no time to recognize an ongoing pattern of fan love and admiration. U/AntarcticScaleWorm said, "One of the best miniseries I've ever seen, if not the best." U/ringoron9 agreed, "Excellent show! I had several rewatches and it never fails to amaze me and even make me emotional." But as the comments continue regarding how good "Band of Brothers" was and still is today, it's the Liberman-assembled cast that truly gives it everlasting life (pushing aside the not so loved Jimmy Fallon cameo). "Such a wonderful show," said u/TimeToShareMore. "The actual veterans that the actors were portraying bear such a striking resemblance it's uncanny. Casting was perfection for it."