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Whatever Happened To Huell From Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul?

Is there a more iconic supporting duo in "Breaking Bad" than Huell (Lavell Crawford) Kuby (Bill Burr)? While Burr has gone on to achieve considerable success in the world of stand-up comedy, selling out shows across the world, whatever happened to Crawford? The actor and comedian first stepped onto the set of AMC's "Breaking Bad" in Season 4 as Saul Goodman's (Bob Odenkirk) bodyguard. His position as Goodman's ally naturally evolved as the show progressed, with Huell serving as a principal player in the series' final season.

Appearing in one of the most popular television shows of all time was certainly life-changing for Crawford, who had been working in the industry as a stand-up comic since the '90s. "It's one of my fantasies come true," Crawford said about the popularity the show afforded him in a chat with Rolling Stone. "There a lot of people who can't say they were on an award-winning, hot show like this. I've got a cult following, too – that's craziness."

Shortly after "Breaking Bad" wrapped up, the Huell actor was brought on board for "Better Call Saul," the Saul Goodman-focused origin series. "BCS" peeled back the layers of Saul and Huell's relationship, giving fans considerable insight into how they interact (and deal) with one another. Saul's bodyguard appeared on "BCS" for 3 seasons in both a guest and recurring capacity. With the award-winning spin-off series now over, it begs the question, whatever happened to Crawford?

Lavell Crawford enjoys a healthy career on television

After his debut appearance in a 2011 episode of "Breaking Bad," Lavell Crawford quickly landed roles in some of the 2010's biggest comedies. His biggest post-"Breaking Bad" gig? Appearing on the ever-lasting, mean-spirited "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." The Huell actor appeared as Landslide, a laugh-out-loud stand-up comedian in the first episode of Season 9. Following his "Sunny" stint, Crawford made the jump to voice acting. The actor voiced a number of characters on Adult Swim's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" throughout its run. He later returned to the animated franchise for "Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm," a direct-to-video feature.

In addition to an appearance on "New Girl," the actor briefly lent his talents to Comedy Central's short-lived "Legends of Chamberlain Heights." The animated series followed three high schoolers with tall imaginations. Of course, a bulk of his television credits are "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul." The actor returned as Huell six times in "BCS." While it remains to be seen if Crawford's character will ever receive his own spin-off in the "Breaking Bad"-verse, Huell did receive a faux sitcom teaser, courtesy of Funny or Die. Titled "Huell's Rules," the fake trailer sees Huell as a family man — and failing at it.

Lavell Crawford showed up in The Ridiculous 6 and Hubie Halloween

After "Breaking Bad" wrapped up in 2013, the actor nabbed a slew of roles in some of 2010's biggest comedies. His first major appearance was in the Kristen Stewart-starring stoner comedy "American Ultra" as a gang member. Though the role was small, it served as a solid big-screen appearance. Later that year, in 2015, he appeared in Adam Sandler's "The Ridiculous 6" as Gus Patch. The film was critically panned and is one of the few flicks on Rotten Tomatoes to boast a 0%. Despite that, the western-comedy emerged as one of Netflix's biggest hits and has a solid fanbase if you look hard enough. 

He later collaborated with Sandler once again for a small role in Netflix's horror-comedy "Hubie Halloween." Playing a farmer who has his estate terrorized, Crawford was one of the flick's many cameos. 2021 saw the actor join Jerrod Carmichael's critically-acclaimed directorial debut "On The Count of Three." The film, which emerged as a Sundance favorite, had Crawford in a supporting role.

He's a Grammy-nominated comedian

While Lavell Crawford has continued to capitalize on his "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" clout on the big and small screen, his real passion continues to be stand-up comedy. Since he wrapped up his time as Huell, Crawford has made significant gains as a comedian, hosting shows all across the country, per his website. Several of the comedian's clips have gone viral in recent years, including his full-length special "Can A Brother Get Some Love."

2021 saw the comedian release his most critically-acclaimed comedy album to date, "The Comedy Vaccine." Focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, the album nabbed the Huell actor his first Grammy nod for Best Comedy Album. It was accompanied by a SHOWTIME special of the same name. In 2023, the comedian released his fourth collab with the network, titled "Lavell Crawford: THEE Lavell Crawford Comedy Special." Filmed in New Orleans, the special premiered on February 24 2023.