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Grey's Anatomy: Kim Raver Forgot She's Not Really A Doctor During Flight Emergency

There are many different proven tactics actors use to embody the roles they are taking on, and when one portrays a character for a long period of time, the lines between fiction and reality can blur, as is the case for "Grey's Anatomy's" Kim Raver. Once, when Raver was traveling, the reality of this character confusion became apparent when a passenger on her flight was experiencing a medical emergency. That real-life movement was when Raver's fictional persona convinced her that if there was one person qualified to handle an emergency situation, it was Dr. Teddy Altman, a character fans love to hate.

Raver told the true story on LIVE: Kelly and Ryan, revealing that she was on a plane with her husband on their way to visit his family. A couple hours into the flight, over the intercom, the couple heard someone requesting assistance from any medical personnel on the flight. 

This ended up being the exact moment that all of Raver's years of fictional medical training  took over as she got out her seat as if she were really Dr. Altman. She was moments away from answering the call to action, and if it wasn't for her husband, this may have become a much more public story. 

When the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred

It's not that surprising to learn that Kim Raver sprung to action when a medical expert was requested during an in-flight emergency. After all, the "Grey's Anatomy" mainstay has worn fictional scrubs for over 160 episodes. Luckily for her, Raver's husband was there to bring her back to reality. 

"My husband grabs my arm. I look at him," Raver said. "He is white." After her husband asked her what she was doing, she explained to him what she considered to be obvious: they needed a doctor, and she was ready to help. Raver's husband explained to her that she wasn't a doctor, and she snapped out of it. 

If fans ever questioned how deep Raver dives into her character's persona, this story proves that she may want to scale back her dedication. It's interesting to wonder if a younger Raver ever thought that she would get to a point with this character that she felt truly qualified enough to assist in a medical emergency. Thankfully, it seems everything worked out, but it's still fun to imagine what would've happened if Raver let Dr. Altman take over while she was on that flight.