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Chicago Med: Dr. Asher Star Jessy Schram Weighs In On Archer X Asher Triangle

Of all the romantic pairings on NBC's hit "Chicago Med" of the "One Chicago" franchise, the duo of Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) and Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) is one of the more surprising matches, as well as one of the most interesting. As the resident curmudgeon at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, E.D. Chief Archer has a well-deserved reputation for being acerbic to the point of insulting with both doctors and patients. 

For her part, Dr. Asher comes to the hospital with a lengthy history of  illicit drug use. While Asher gets a grip on her addiction issues, her past is ever-present as she becomes a regular presence in the E.D.

The already complex Archer-Asher equation becomes more complicated in a new way when Dr. Archer's estranged son re-enters his life. Sean Archer (Luigi Sottile) is also dealing with drug abuse and has spent time in prison, only being released recently. His first meeting with Dr. Asher shows him in a decidedly positive light when he comes to her rescue during a blizzard, thus setting up a complex dynamic between the three of them. 

"That was a really fun reveal," Schram told CinemaBlend, "and very confusing because I was like, 'What's this dude doing here?' And then we realize it's the other Archer." She then expanded further on the 'emotional triangle' set up in the new Archer, Archer, and Asher relationship.

Chicago Med's Schram says that Sean Archer introduces a new dynamic for Hannah and Dean

In the same CinemaBlend interview, Jesse Schram said she particularly enjoyed the addition of Sean Archer to the existing, sometimes rocky relationship between Hannah Asher and Dean Archer. 

"It's really fun now introducing the family to Asher," Schram said. She explained that bringing Sean into the mix with her and Dean altered the interplay of their still relatively new situation as a couple. "I think now it includes a different kind of dynamic."

Schram went on to note that the usually taciturn, closed-in Dr. Archer is also growing as a father now that Sean is back. While he at first has a hard time opening up to both his son and Hannah, Sean's determination to deal with his drug abuse has changed him. 

"I think that there's more trust on Dean's part, and now we get to learn who Sean is," Schram said. She then concluded that getting to know Sean first-hand instead of merely as an off-screen persona also changes how she interacts with Dean. "That makes it a little bit of an emotional triangle because now they all know each other as opposed to it just being somebody that's spoken about a lot."