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Rick And Morty's Night Person Scene Had Fans Dreaming Up Their Ideal Version

"Rick and Morty" is well-known for being a show where anything can happen. From literal storytelling vehicles to a world destroyed by the titular duo's miscalculations, there's nowhere that Adult Swim's hit science-fiction comedy series can't go. Still, it was an invention from the latest season that ignited the imaginations of fans.

In Season 6, Episode 4, "Night People," Rick (Justin Roiland) finds a way to make his sleeping-self do the things that he wishes he had time to tackle in his waking-life. As he and Morty (Roiland) chase their dreams of having washboard abs without doing the actual work, the rest of the Smith family have their own designs for the Night People.

On the r/rickandmorty subreddit, fans decided what they wanted their own Night People to focus on to give them a leg up in their waking-lives. While u/squashua suggested that they would want their "Rick and Morty" Night Person to make art while they slept, u/RepresentativeEgg311 offered a more practical choice. 

"Same answer as last time," they said. "A night shift so my day person can retire."

Fans imagined what they would do if they had their own Night Person

While the options for what a "Rick and Morty" Night Person could do are seemingly endless, Redditors had to settle on a single answer, and the results were varied. Ironically, u/TheBenStandard2 wanted their Night Person to double down on the job at hand. 

"Sleep. I'm terrible at it," they said. "I always wake up and need 10 cups of coffee." Meanwhile, u/Bec_121 brought it back to basics, suggesting that their Night Person would do just what the titular duo's Night People do, only better. 

"I would get absolutely jacked," they posted. "Not just abs like Rick and Morty, but like biceps and pecs and all that." Another user took inspiration from the "Rick and Morty" episode in question, suggesting that, like Jerry (Chris Parnell), they could use some emotional support from their other self. 

"I'd probably take a page out of Jerry's book and treat her as a pen pal and venting buddy," u/sunward_Lily wrote. Though Night People aren't a thing, if the impossible becomes a reality, these Redditors will be the first to capitalize on the scientific breakthrough.