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Pedro Pascal Still Suited Up For The Mandalorian S3 (But He Isn't The Only One)

Cool helmets have always been an innate part of "Star Wars" since the very first film in the series, but never have they been so central to the plot as they are on "The Mandalorian." Pedro Pascal stars as Din Djarin, a Mandalorian who follows the old religion of his people, the central precept of which is that a Mandalorian may never remove their helmet in the presence of another living thing.

That means Pascal's face is obscured for the majority of the time he's on screen by his iconic silver helmet, especially in Season 3, which focuses heavily on Din's recommitment to his faith. However, since the suit is doing most of the acting, Pascal doesn't, strictly speaking, always need to be inside of it. Of course, stunt performers fill in for Pascal during intense action sequences, but how frequently is the top billed actor actually suiting up?

According to Pascal, he's still spending a fair amount of time in his shiny metal armor, but others do fill in. "It's such a collaborative effort," Pascal told Entertainment Weekly in March, noting the work done by his doubles, Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder, "and the suit ends up doing so much of the work, you know, in terms of how badass you look when you put it on." In addition to Wayne and Crowder, Pascal said other people now step into the suit from time to time, though he did not mention them by name.

Pascal does a lot of ADR for Din Djarin

According to Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian suit makes it much easier to change things in post, and he does plenty of voiceover work for Din Djarin after shooting. Saying that he can be a bit of a perfectionist, Pascal continued, "I've been given the space to really kind of want to go over a line again because there aren't any lips to match it to and also it gives the opportunity for the writers to finesse the dialogue, to create more tension."

The ability to edit large portions of "The Mandalorian" in post also gave Pascal the opportunity to look behind the curtain on a massive franchise production. "I guess, in other roles, I've never been able to see it so early as far as all of the post is concerned, which on a show like this is so elaborate," the star of "The Last of Us" said. Pascal also noted that he will often be handed simple drawings of what the scene will ultimately look like before he goes into the booth to record his voiceover for Din Djarin.

While Pascal may share the chrome suit with his collaborators, he's heavily involved in the production of "The Mandalorian" from start to finish. No matter who's behind the helmet, the character of Din Djarin belongs to Pascal.