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How Twitter Reacted To The Super Mario Bros. Movie

In keeping up the recent trend of bringing video games to the cinema, "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" has finally made it to the silver screen. It had quite an uphill battle to fight, bearing in mind that the previous Mario-centric film, 1993's "Super Mario Bros.", crashed and burned by every conceivable metric, but it seemed to have all the tools necessary to succeed. From an animation style that's true to the Nintendo source material and a stacked cast including the likes of Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Anya Taylor-Joy, to name a few, what could go wrong?

So far, the animated feature isn't garnering the most glowing reactions from critics. Sitting at a 54% rotten critic score on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of publication, critics who've had the chance to see it early complain of its basic story, disappointing performances, and overall unremarkable presentation. Of course, at the end of the day, critics are just a very small portion of a movie's entire viewing audience. What do some of the first fans who've gone to buy a ticket to see "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" at their local theater think of it?

Eager to share their thoughts with the world, numerous moviegoers have hopped on Twitter to share their impressions of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has many fans double-jumping for joy

As early thoughts on "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" made their way to Twitter, it became abundantly clear that if you're a fan of the source material, odds are you'll be more than happy with this animated take.

"The Super Mario Brothers Movie is curated exactly for its intended audience...KIDS!!!!It's like watching the video game come to life," wrote @TheCurvyCritic, adding that, while the plot and character development are minimal, those drawbacks do little to harm the film's fun factor. Twitter user @orochifgc also quite liked the movie, though while they're excited for Mario's future at the cinema, they do feel the flick doesn't measure up to the "Sonic the Hedgehog" duology. Keeping the comparisons going, @eatscheezits boldly puts "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" in contention for best movie of the year with "John Wick: Chapter 4."

Meanwhile, @azerailyt gives it high praise, going as far as calling critics wrong for their negative assessments of it — a sentiment @purplechonks likely agrees with since they don't understand the harsh words from critics either. As for @FeaRMoho, they were blown away by how much the film managed to effectively pack in, tweeting, "They didn't miss a beat! From your child hood to everything Mario even Mario kart to Luigi's mansion. All of it. Somehow coordinated everything without seeming rushed/corny."

Others Ninten-don't care much for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Even though there are numerous supporters of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" expressing their love for the feature on social media, other Twitter users have made it clear that they're not fans of the final film for several reasons. 

For user @AnAntLife, "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" only has a couple of redeeming qualities, chiefly the visuals and Charlie Day's Luigi performance. Otherwise, they find the film hollow, rushed, and overstuffed with cameos that serve only to keep audiences occupied with nostalgia. @TowelBun was also disappointed with the feature, noting that something about it was off that made it hard for them to enjoy it. It also didn't live up to expectations for @maakimaa, who found the fan service overwhelming, the story rushed, and the pacing rough. @ElTecnopata__ feels the same, commenting that the movie focuses more on throwing out Nintendo Easter eggs than crafting a solid story.

Of course, exclusively listening to fans and critics is no way to form an opinion on a piece of entertainment. If you want to see for yourself how "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" turned out, it's currently playing in theaters.