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TWD's Chad Coleman Didn't See Tyreese's Death Coming (& Reacted Like We All Did)

"The Walking Dead" never lets its audience get too comfortable, particularly when killing off beloved characters. If anyone forgot they were watching a zombie apocalypse show, Season 5 was a stern reminder that no one is safe, starting with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). Her unceremonious execution leads to a heartbreaking sequence of Daryl (Norman Reedus) carrying her dead body out of a hospital. And if that isn't enough, fan-favorite Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) reaches the end of the roadĀ in literally the very next episode. His death inspiredĀ divisive fan responses. After his time on the series, the actor took to Reddit and told fans how he reacted when he learned he would no longer be the hammer-wielding character.

"I was surprised when I found out," said Coleman, who is also known for his role in "The Wire," in an AMA. "I probably said 'Wow' about 500 times. I guess I didn't see it coming." Tyreese's tenure on the series is longer than in the source material, which also makes it shocking. After enduring inhumane treatment at the hands of the Governor (David Morrissey), no one was prepared for Tyreese to be taken out by just one walker in the series.

"I really was connected to everybody," Coleman concluded, listing all the co-stars he would miss. "They all had a fond place in my heart. So that was the hardest part. And just knowing I'm not going to be able to wake up and go to battle with those folks."

Tyreese's death was part of a grand design

Surviving the world of "The Walking Dead" is just a roll of the dice. Though some original characters have made it to the end of the series intact, it isn't expected. Survival comes with a cost, and everyone dies eventually. As heartbreaking as losing Tyreese is, even Chad L. Coleman came around to the idea in the end. When speaking to The Wrap, the actor compared Tyreese's fate to one of his most well-regarded previous dramas.

"It reminds me of when Omar was taken out on 'The Wire' by that little boy," Coleman said. "He came out the deli and BAM. Guess what? This is the world we're living in. No matter how virtuous you may be, no one goes unscathed." Like "The Walking Dead," HBO's esteemed series "The Wire" takes place in a world where actions have consequences and no matter who you are, you may not make it. Coleman's character, Cutty, is one of the few who gets out of the drug business and does better for himself.

But unfortunately for Omar (Michael Kenneth Williams), it was not the case. In one of the most devastating deaths in "The Wire," Omar expires towards the end of the show with little pomp or circumstance. Just like Tyreese. After years of robbing drug dealers and endearing himself to audiences, Omar's death is a tough one and reminds viewers there is little that makes sense in a violent world.