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Whatever Happened To Law & Order's Jill Hennessy After Kincaid's Death?

It's a well-known fact that virtually every actor who spent even a single night in New York City ended up making an appearance on "Law & Order." Most of those appearances were, naturally, little more than walk-ons, with a solid crew of regular cast members bringing the heat to the streets and courtrooms of the city on a weekly basis during the series' heyday. And a few of those "Law & Order" heavies have become small screen legends for their respective roles on the show, some of which have stretched nearly two decades.

That might've been the case for Jill Hennessy, who portrayed Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid on "Law & Order," had the character not been shockingly killed off. There's little doubt Kincaid — who served as ADA from Season 4 through Season 6 — was popular enough to have merited a lengthy run on the show. Nearly 30 years after a tragic car accident ended her series tenure, many consider her to be not only the finest ADA character the series ever produced, but also one of the "Law & Order" franchise's most memorable characters.

As far as exits go, Hennessy's was as legitimately unforgettable as it was utterly surprising, and some series diehards have never quite gotten over it. Thankfully, Hennessy did. Here's what the actor has been up to since her "Law & Order" departure.

Hennessy has kept quite busy since her shocking Law & Order exit

As hard as it is to imagine, Jill Hennessy's heartbreaking "Law & Order" exit came way back in the spring of 1996. But it should come as no surprise Hennessy has kept herself quite busy in the ensuing decades, booking roles in film and television projects spanning virtually every genre.

Hennessy spent the better part of her first post "Law & Order" decade working almost exclusively in film, scoring roles in "A Smile Like Yours," "The Florentine," and "Love in the Time of Money." The early 2000s found Hennessy returning to television full-time. This time, Hennessy fronted her very own crime series, "Crossing Jordan," which ran for six full seasons before getting the axe. She's since landed recurring roles on some of television's best-loved series, including "The Good Wife," "Madame Secretary," and "The Blacklist."

In 2018, Hennessy even made a one-off appearance on Taylor Sheridan's smash hit Western "Yellowstone," playing a potentially critical political player in the ongoing game of power grabs. She followed that with a two-episode stint on the CBS hit "Bull," and joined Kevin Bacon in the cast of his critically-adored Showtime drama, "City on a Hill." Most recently, she played the mom of a potential school shooter in the Fox anthology series "Accused." Up next, Hennessy is set to appear in Marvel Studios' star-studded streamer "Madame Web." And we cannot wait to see her in her MCU Debut.