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Ted Lasso Theory: Rupert Will Get Caught For [SPOILER]

Contains spoilers for "Ted Lasso" Season 3, Episode 4 — "Big Week"

While former AFC Richmond and current West Ham United owner Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) remains a formidable villain as of "Ted Lasso" Season 3, Episode 4, certain events in the episode suggests that Rupert's on the verge of a fall from grace. Notably, Rupert's ex-wife and current AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) catches Rupert cheating on his current wife Bex (Keeley Hazell), and she even confronts him about it, arguing that he should be better for the sake of his daughter.

Rupert has yet to face any consequences for cheating since this very same behavior motivated Rebecca to ask for a divorce, landing her ownership of AFC Richmond. The manner in which Rebecca catches and vilifies him in Season 3, Episode 4, however, has fans thinking that this may soon change, ultimately stripping him of the considerable power he currently wields.

A number of users discussed this possibility in a Reddit thread for the episode, including user Jugggiler, who wrote, "New prediction: Rupert eventually gets caught cheating, but this time it's not portrayed as 'cool womanizer'. Instead, deadbeat dad since baby is now in the picture." In response, a few commenters elaborated on this possibility, painting a detailed picture of just how Rupert's fall from grace might go down.

Rupert's disregard for others may be about to blow up in his face

In response to Reddit user Jugggiler's comment about Rupert's cheating coming to light, user SomberXIII replied that they would enjoy this plot development, and that they think Rupert's popularity in the media is what enables his bad behavior. The notion of him cheating while raising a newborn going public, then, could immediately end his favorable relationship with the media and tarnish his reputation. Similarly, user TA818 wrote, "Rupert is trying to still live like a playboy, but he's getting old and it won't work THAT much longer," likewise suggesting Rupert's popularity among the public is about to tank.

Meanwhile, plenty of Twitter users are sharing similar thoughts about Rupert's "Ted Lasso" trajectory. For instance, @veglasso proposed that Bex has known about Rupert cheating for some time, and that she will wield this knowledge to render Rupert powerless. Users like @montgomerism and @RegalSnowflakeK also think that Rupert's cheating might soon come to light, and are excited about this possibility.

With "Ted Lasso" ending in its current incarnation upon the conclusion of Season 3, and Rupert serving as one of the show's main villains, his downfall is practically inevitable. It's entirely likely, then, that one of his biggest character flaws, which he's exhibited since the show's start, is precisely what will take him down in the end.