American Pickers' Frank Fritz Once Bought A Green Stamps Sign For $200

Mike Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz of "American Pickers" have a well-known fondness for old metal signs, frequently finding the relics battered and rusty and requiring quite a bit of restoration. Although multiple health problems — including a stroke and a back injury that required surgery — are among the reasons why he hasn't been on the show since early 2020, Fritz remains popular with fans of "American Pickers" for his fun-loving and friendly nature. However, there have also been multiple reports of tension between Wolfe and Fritz that has also kept the latter off the show since midway through Season 21.

In Season 16, Episode 10, "Hydro Homestead," Wolfe and Fritz travel to Southern New Jersey to visit twin brothers Bob and Tom Wright and pick through their massive collection of artifacts, including a large metal S&H Green Stamps sign that Fritz purchases. 

Fritz remarks that the sign reminds him of his grandmother, who used to take him to the grocery store and gather the stamps with each purchase she made. "Eventually you could redeem them for rewards, like maybe a popcorn popper or, you know, a seven-speed blender. [the sign] has good memories for me." No negotiation is necessary as Fritz quickly jumps at the $200 price quoted by Tom. 

The Pickers leave with only a couple finds but a mutual affection for the Wright twins

A graphic appears valuing the near-mint condition sign at $350, making this a practical purchase as well as a sentimental one for Frank Fritz. "A lot of people these days don't even remember that kind of stuff," Fritz says in the episode. "But it brings back memories for me, and at $200 I know I can sell it." Later on, Mike Wolfe scores a vintage chrome-trimmed shortwave radio for the bargain price of $35, actually talking Tom Wright up from his asking price of $30. 

A Bonus YouTube clip from the episode does not show any more deals being made, although Wolfe is shown wheeling a vintage mailbox out of the twins' massive storage building. But Fritz, Wolfe, and the Wright twins do leave with a mutual appreciation for each other. 

"We didn't thin them out by any means whatsoever," Fritz says, " but we gave them a little cash, now they can go buy some more stuff." Bob Wright says they would be happy to get a return visit from Frank and Mike, complimenting their positive energy. "Nice guys," he remarks to his brother as Mike and Frank drive away with their modest haul.