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Attack On Titan Theory: Levi Had A Hidden Love Interest All Along

Ever since "Attack on Titan" debuted in 2013, viewers immediately gravitated toward Captain Levi as one of the strongest characters. His serious demeanor and his unbelievable talent for killing Titans instantly made him a fan favorite, but a new theory suggests there's more to Levi than he lets on.

Fans caught on to an interesting detail in Hajime Isayama's legendary manga. In "Chapter 132," during a conversation with Hange, Levi states, "I guess your Titan love will always go unrequited, eh, four eyes?" While this line could easily pass for a conversation between two friends, many people began to wonder if Levi's words had a hidden meaning, signaling his romantic interest for Hange.

To throw more fuel on the fire, Hange once made a similar comment during an earlier chapter. After Levi sustains serious injuries, Hange nurses him back to health in secret, suggesting, "Maybe we should just live here together," which seriously sounds like there's a hint of romantic feelings in their friendship. However, it's unlikely that Hajime will ever confirm Levi and Hange's relationship, one way or another. Levi is just too popular of a character, so revealing this information after "Attack on Titan" concluded would undoubtedly alienate some fans.

Fans are divided on if Levi had romantic feelings

It didn't take long for the theory about Levi and Hange's romance to make its way to the "Attack on Titan" subreddit. Some fans viewed it with an open mind, accepting that the two characters could have easily had romantic feelings for one another. However, others believed that Levi knew better than to love someone in the horrific world of "Attack on Titan." 

U/MalTerra7 suggested, "I don't think Levi allows himself to love because everyone he does care about ends up dying," continuing the suggestion by saying he is probably a more "one-night stand" kind of man. U/quinncloud and u/k_osmic shared similar opinions, saying that Levi had no love interest, and that's okay because not every anime needs one. 

Others, like u/oredaoree, believe the theory, citing "Chapters 132 and 126" for their reasoning. "Isayama jumps through hoops to all but confirm it," they wrote. They continued, saying, "I personally think it's genius how he doesn't outright confirm it with a kiss," praising how Levi and Hange's relationship looks platonic on the surface but digging deep will show you their romance. U/N3M4RA offered a similar sentiment, saying Hajime isn't one to outright state if Levi and Hange had feelings for one another, choosing instead to leave a trail of suggestive hints for the readers to decide. 

Either way, "Attack on Titan" fans are unlikely to ever get a definitive answer. However, the idea of Levi possibly loving Hange adds even more depth to an already well-written character.