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White Boy Rick Trailer: A Mustached Matthew McConaughey Faces The War On Drugs

Hustler. Dealer. Kingpin. Informant. White Boy Rick.

Columbia Pictures has popped the top off the first trailer for White Boy Rick, the forthcoming based-on-a-true-story crime drama from '71 director Yann Demange. 

Starring Matthew McConaughey, who rocks an impressively thick mustache and an impeccably '80s mullet, White Boy Rick chronicles the real-life story of Richard Wershe Sr. (McConaughey), a blue-collar factory worker scrambling to keep his family together as the Motor City of Detroit suffers a crash in its automotive industry, and Richard Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt), the teenager who served as an undercover police informant and later drug dealer before finding himself in the kind of trouble the law enforcement officers he worked for couldn't protect him from. 

The footage is set to a perfectly synced score, and asks its audience to "witness the rise" of 15-year-old White Boy Rick, "America's youngest hustler, dealer, kingpin, informant, and legend," at the height of the nation's cocaine epidemic and its raging War on Drugs. 

Watch the full trailer above. 

Written by Andy Weiss, Logan Miller, Noah Miller, and Steve Kloves, White Boy Rick features a stacked cast: Bel Powley as Dawn Wershe, Bruce Dern, Piper Laurie as Vera Wershe, Jennifer Jason Leigh as an FBI agent, Rory Cochrane as another agent named Byrd, YG as Leo Curry, Jonathan Majors as Johnny Curry, RJ Cyler as Rudell Curry, Brian Tyree Henry as narcotics detective Officer Mel "Roach" Jackson, Taylour Paige as Cathy Volsan, Danny Brown as "Black Ed," Kyanna Simone Simpson as Brenda, IshDARR as "Freaky Steve" Roussell, Kevin Dietz as a field reporter, and Eddie Marsan as Art Derrick. 

White Boy Rick is set for a limited theatrical release on September 14 following its initial delay from January 26 to August 17. The film will open wide one week later, on September 21.