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Donald Glover Suggests He'll Be Taking Part In The Community Movie (If It Actually Happens)

Six seasons and a movie, right? "Community" has teased that idea since Season 2. When it rolled credits for the final time in 2015, Dan Harmon included the message "#andamovie," giving fans hope to one day see their favorite characters on the big screen. Nearly ten years later, the "Community" movie still hasn't happened, and Donald Glover's recent updates provide about as much context as any previous update.

"The 'Community' movie was supposed to be. There's some progress on it," he told GQ. "We're supposed to be shooting it soon. [I] Haven't seen a script. [I] Don't know, and in true Dan [Harmon] fashion, we'll probably get it on the first day, but yeah, I mean, like, it's supposed to be happening, but I know just as much about it as you do."

It's safe to say Glover is the biggest star to come out of "Community," as Harmon wasn't sure that he would sign on for the movie. However, by the sound of things, Glover is fully onboard to return as Troy — assuming it actually happens.

There's still hope for a Community movie

While Donald Glover's comment on the "Community" movie seems worrisome, he wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't be surprised if Dan Harmon waited until the first day of filming to hand him the script.

Earlier in the GQ interview, Glover praised Harmon's storytelling prowess, saying, "Dan's kind of like a story expert, so he really understands story. So sometimes we wouldn't get the scripts until, like, the day of." While unconventional, for sure, he got used to it, leading him to stop memorizing scripts altogether. However, just because he hasn't seen the script for the "Community" movie, doesn't mean that all hope is lost, as Harmon could just be working until the last second to perfect it.

Speaking of his time on "Community," Glover said he's glad he didn't realize how special it was until afterward, allowing him to enjoy the moment. However, although the cast was having a great time, NBC executives didn't express the same sentiment, according to him. He said they were considered the "misfits," as the network made it abundantly clear the show wasn't competing against others like "Parks and Recreation." However, the series eventually gained a cult following, leading to an entire fanbase to see "six seasons and a movie" come true.