James Gunn Speaks Out About The Marvel And DC Rivalry

Marvel vs. DC has become a tale as old as time, with their rivalry evolving as the companies grew from small comic book publishers to billion-dollar movie franchises. Regardless of whether one offers support to the other, there will always be some competition between the superhero giants. James Gunn, who recently transitioned from MCU director to DCU CEO, offered his viewpoint on the rivalry, saying that their competition breeds success.

"I think that the idea of a rivalry between Marvel and DC, of course, there's always gonna be some rivalry, but what's really important to me is that we embolden the movie-going experience," Gunn told Fandango. "And the theater-going experience is something that survives on big spectacle movies today. So if we're going to really allow it to thrive, that means we want good movies to be made. And that's gonna happen with Marvel movies and DC, and, contrary to popular belief, a dollar for Marvel is not a dollar less for DC."

Gunn expanded on this thought, explaining why there's actually not much concern about Marvel and DC's rivalry during a film's production — despite what some fans might have assumed.

Marvel vs. DC could happen one day, but Gunn prioritizes individual success

Although the rivalry between Marvel and DC dates back to the earliest days of the comic book industry, both companies are now in transition periods for blockbuster franchises and films. After overloading audiences with content, Marvel Studios is now spacing out releases to give projects the time they need to develop. On the other hand, DC has been lagging behind since the beginning, with a stark disconnect between studio executives and filmmakers. With James Gunn now leading the charge, things seem to be taking a turn for the better as the DCU slowly builds up a properly connected universe.

When Fandango asked the director if he thinks audiences will ever see a Marvel and DC crossover on the big screen, Gunn isn't writing off the idea but said that the focus right now is for both franchises to succeed independently. "I do think that it's really just about grounding the Marvel and DC universes right now and trying to make them each as strong as possible," he told the outlet.

It's a simple plan, according to Gunn. "You make good Marvel movies, it brings people to theaters, they go see more good DC movies," and vice versa. As long as both franchises remain consistent and keep fans happy, the possibilities are endless, and maybe one day, audiences will see the Justice League vs. the Avengers in theaters.