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Whatever Happened To MTV News Correspondent Tabitha Soren?

Today, MTV is known primarily for reality programming like "The Challenge" or "MTV's Cribs," a classic series recently revived by the network. While MTV famously used to be a music-focused channel before this shift, another noteworthy pillar of its earlier years was MTV News, which both spotlighted stories pertaining to youth or music culture, and functioned as a legitimate political news program.

During this time MTV News was televised, prior to its present day transition to an online-only outlet, Tabitha Soren was one of the brand's most well-known correspondents. Since then, because Soren has transitioned away from the journalism work for which she became so well-known, those who grew up watching her on TV may now be wondering where one of MTV's most recognizable personalities is today.

Currently, Soren is a full-time photographer, to the extent that her personal website is dedicated entirely to her photography work, suggesting that she's reinvented herself completely and no longer wishes to be publicly associated with the TV star she once was. With that said, the story of her photography career and life today is notable for a few different reasons.

Soren's work with her husband led her to becoming an accomplished artist

Around the time she was famous for her MTV News work, Tabitha Soren married writer Michael Lewis, author of — among a few other well-known books — "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game," the non-fiction account of the Oakland Athletics' stats department that became the 2011 Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill film. In fact, as detailed in a profile by The Washington Post, Soren got her start in photography by shooting some of the subjects of Lewis' reporting, including members of the Oakland A's spotlighted in "Moneyball."

Most recently, some might have seen Soren's name in the news for an altogether tragic reason — in 2021, one of her and Lewis' children ended up in a fatal car crash at 19 years old during a vacation to Lake Tahoe, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Today, Soren continues to exhibit her artwork in galleries both across the US and internationally. In February and March of 2023, for example, a gallery in Savannah, Georgia dedicated an exhibit to Soren's work. Before that, in November of 2022, she appeared at an art festival in Galway, Ireland. So, while some viewers who grew up with MTV may forever associate her with MTV News, nowadays Soren is plenty accomplished in the art world to the extent that photography is now her full-time career.