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Across The Spider-Verse's International Trailer Has Fans Pondering More Cameos

The second trailer for "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" has been making waves with its gorgeous animation, cool teases of the conflicts to come, and many Spider-people (and horses) we'll get to meet when the movie premieres on June 2. Yet despite this cornucopia of Spider-adjacent characters and easily missed small details, some fans have already started dreaming even bigger.

A new international trailer for the movie adds an interesting element to the mix — or rather, three interesting elements. The beginning of the trailer features short, successive teases of all three live-action Spider-Men. They're all presented with subtle hints and costume details that are still quite recognizable for fans who know their live-action Spidey lore, such as Redditor u/duyalonso. "It's also worth to point out that the International trailer [...] has different opening scene (which include Tom, Andrew and Tobey's Spider-Man)," they wrote.

Tobey Maguire's, Andrew Garfield's, and Tom Holland's respective web-slingers indeed all turn in the quickest of cameos, which got some fans thinking that they might be in for yet another big-screen appearance together. "Could possible be a tease for their appearance?" u/BabatundeOlajideDeji speculated. Other fans' imaginations have also been piqued by the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trio's unexpected appearance in the international trailer for "Across the Spider-Verse."

The three live-action Spider-Men could make Across the Spider-Verse the ultimate Spider-film

The big question about the possible appearance of the three live-action Peter Parkers in the movie is, of course, whether it'll happen at all — or if the international trailer merely uses them for extra effect. However, some fans are also pondering the potential nature of their appearances, since the costumes themselves don't necessarily reveal anything in this day and age of CGI. "I'm curious they would be animated or would they go full Roger Rabbit on us by having them in live action?" u/Animegamingnerd wondered.

Others remained more skeptical about the trio's potential "Across the Spider-Verse" appearance. "The shots and sound bytes of Tobey, Andrew, and Tom are purely promo material. Has no meaning about them being in the film or not," Twitter user @Jaigantor wrote about the likelihood of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland turning up in the movie.

Apart from the live-action Spideys' appearance in the international trailer, it's worth noting that Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac) specifically references Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Holland's Spider-Man, and the events of "No Way Home" here, thus effectively confirming that they do exist somewhere in this movie's multiverse. It remains to be seen whether they'll make their way into the Spider-Verse too.