Rick And Morty Fans View Rick's Portal Gun As Superior To The Portal Pistol

There are few out there who can go toe-to-toe with Rick Sanchez's technological toolbox. But the ornery alcoholic may have met his match in some prehistoric visitors whose solution to interdimensional travel, on the surface, seems to top Rick's own handy portal gun. Yet many fans believe otherwise. 

The sixth episode of "Rick and Morty" Season 6, "Juricksic Mort," sees dinosaurs return to Earth after residing in space for an immense period of time. While their time back as Earth's rulers sees many of the planet's problems get solved, Rick and Morty are nevertheless sent out by the President to get rid of them. Rick initially offers the dinosaurs his secrets to interdimensional travel, only to discover that the dinos have already unlocked this achievement with the more advanced portal pistol. The pistol allows users to see where they are going, as opposed to Rick's portal gun, which only shows a green, swirling mass. 

While the encounter leaves Rick less than pleased, the idea of an evolved portal gun got fans thinking. But it didn't take much thought for Redditor u/bhavyagarg8 to note that, while the pistol has its advantages, it would ultimately make a poor match for Rick. "People can see where Rick is going," the user comments. "For Rick, who is generally chased by others, it isn't good." Others agreed that Rick's lifestyle would make the pistol an ill-fitting choice. 

The dinos use their portals for different reasons

The portal pistol used by the dinosaurs in "Juricksic Mort" sounds neat at first, with its ability to allow users to see exactly where they're going. But Rick's risky escapades are ultimately what make the nifty tool a bad decision in the eyes of many fans. While Rick is often on the run from enemies, the dinosaurs are of a different mindset, says u/Anjunabeast: "The dinos were high tech pacifists. No reason for them to be chased by others or have to use a portal pistol to neutralize an enemy."

Others, such as u/Nuuume, feel that by this point, the device would prove to be of very little use to Rick. "I don't think Rick has ever really had trouble knowing where he's going," the user states. "So being able to see the destination seems like it wouldn't even really be needed for him."  

Rick's smarts can get him out of a jam, but some fans believe that he could use his intellect to potentially fix up the portal pistol to his liking. Redditor u/prudan believes this, commenting, "He could just mod it to show somewhere else rather than where he's going. That has a lot of tactical uses." Sure, Rick could probably fix up the portal pistol with his eyes closed, but what's the point when his trusty portal gun has yet to fail him?