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Breaking Bad: Charles Baker Was Surprised They Killed Off Combo Instead Of Pete

"Breaking Bad" is well known for its highly layered central cast, but the series also has a knack for creating memorable supporting characters. Case in point, many of the characters who were initially introduced in seemingly one-off or tangential roles went on to have much bigger roles in the overall arc of the series. Unfortunately, not all of them lived to see the light of day for very long following their debuts.

While it was Combo (Rodney Rush) who died unceremoniously in Season 2, Episode 11 ("Mandala"), Charles Baker, who played Skinny Pete in "Breaking Bad," thinks that it could have just as easily been him or Badger (Matt Jones) on the chopping block. The actor said as much when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in the lead-up to the final batch of episodes.

"It was always going to be one of us," Baker said. "I think he got the short end of the stick because he had the shortest resume. He was a great kid, and this was his first acting job ever." Baker went on to explain how the actor behind Combo found his way into the "Breaking Bad" universe in the first place.

Baker says that it could have been any of them who died in Season 2

"Rodney Rush was the guy. He's a DJ and a rapper in New Mexico. He had heard about an open call and went in and happened to blow the audition away," Charles Baker recalled. Sadly, the three friends of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) didn't have many scenes together before one of them had to become a sacrificial lamb to reinforce the heavy tone of "Breaking Bad."

"You couldn't have those three guys working in this show and not have some kind of tragedy," Baker said. "Matt Jones and I are actually surprised it wasn't one of us because of how close we were to Jesse and what kind of impact it would have on his character."

While Combo's demise undoubtedly weighed heavy on Jesse, other deaths would have an even bigger impact on the "Breaking Bad" character as the AMC series went on. With the death of Jane (Krysten Ritter) in Season 2 and Jesse's own reluctant murder of Gale (David Costabile) at the tail end of Season 3, the stage would be set for Jesse's most pivotal character moments and his eventual redemption.