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A Game Of Thrones Prequel About Aegon I Targaryen's Conquest Of Westeros Is In Early Development At HBO

The future of Westeros seems to be rooted squarely in the past. According to Variety, HBO is in the early stages of developing a new prequel series for "Game of Thrones," one that predates even "House of the Dragon," a prequel set approximately 200 years before King Robert Baratheon made his fateful trip to Winterfell. Per the report, this latest entry into George R. R. Martin's world would follow Aegon Targaryen, first of his name, and the bloody campaign that would see him unite six of the seven kingdoms in Westeros beneath his rule — an act that would later earn him the title of Aegon the Conqueror. 

Variety also suggests that HBO might launch this untitled prequel series with a feature film. It is unclear whether the tie-in film would go directly to streaming or if it would release in theaters, first. When approached for comment, HBO declined to go into detail. So, until further notice, this report remains unsubstantiated. 

HBO is probably playing it safe by sticking to what's already written

Variety's report comes with some social context that would support HBO's unofficial discussions to further plumb the history of Westeros for content. It's no secret that the final season of "Game of Thrones" was met with near-universal disparagement. The showrunners had long since adapted everything that George R. R. Martin had published regarding the present adventures. What's more, they were vocally prepared to wrap everything up. With Martin himself stating that his upcoming novels, when finally published, would end differently than the series did, it's hardly surprising that HBO is placing its bets on the material he's already finalized. 

That's because Aegon Targaryen's whole story is already chronicled. The first king of Westeros conquered it atop his dragon, with his sister wives (Visenya and Rhaenys) and their dragons by his side. The Iron Throne was his own creation. The Targaryen rule seen in "House of the Dragon" began with him. From start to finish, Aegon the Conqueror is a fully known quantity and, for HBO, bringing him to the screen is the safest bet in the game because there's no guesswork required. Of course, none of this explains the potentially disastrous Jon Snow spin-off that's apparently in the works. But that's showbiz, baby.