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An Impractical Jokers' Fan Hosted The Lavish Event In 'The Party Crasher'

Sometimes it's easy to be so absorbed in the insanity of "Impractical Jokers" that you never once ask who's allowing these knuckleheads to get away with this stuff in the first place. As it turns out, some people are more than willing to allow the Jokers in their space to unleash some comedic chaos. 

Such was the case for the Season 6 episode, "The Party Crasher." For the titular punishment that saw James "Murr" Murray get tossed about by Judo Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison in the middle of a high class get-together, a special connection helped get the guys the venue. Murr himself reveals the origins of the space's owner on a 2017 WebChat episode, saying, "The guy who owns that house is a fan of the show. He told the guys that he throws these cocktail parties." 

When the time arose, the team asked the home owner to put together a grand party with as many fancy friends as he could gather. "No one at the party knew that we were filming ... certainly no idea that I was going to be there, certainly no idea there was going to be a professional wrestler there." No one may have noticed the two at first, but it wouldn't take long for the episode to live up to its eccentric title. 

Murr's punishment made good use of the venue

The Jokers were lucky to have a friend nice enough to lend them the lush locale for the episode "The Party Crasher." But James Murray, whose punishment took place in the massive outdoor party venue, was not so fortunate by the end. 

The punishment would see Murr wearing a phony wig amongst a party where only the home owner is aware of the Jokers' involvement. Murr is then pointed toward Kayla Harrison as the Jokers tell him that he must try to tackle her at various points during the event. To top off the absurdity, Murr is only allowed to answer anyone who asks about the strange activity with, "I know her from college." Weird looks ensue, but that's the least of Murr's worries. 

At one point, Kayla manages to flip Murr over like a ragdoll, smashing his body with full force onto a table in the process. Not long after, while he attempts to tackle her next to a pool, Kayla tosses Murr into the water with ease. It's perhaps for the best that the punishment ended when it did — the home owner may have regretted allowing the Jokers to use his home if they wrecked anything else.