The Office Fans Love The Hilarious Way Michael's Plasma TV Reappeared

Fans of "The Office" fondly remember the time Michael Scott (Steve Carell) invited Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) over to his condo to break bread after a hard day of selling paper. Season 4's "Dinner Party" is one of many shining moments the NBC series enjoyed throughout its nine-year run, and people still talk about the time Michael's $200-plasma-screen TV became a casualty of a meal gone horribly wrong. "'Dinner Party' isn't just the best episode of 'The Office,' it might be the best episode in the history of televised comedy," u/fobmanx posted on Reddit.

As the story unfolds, Michael proudly shows off his plasma, flat-screen television to his guests. But when all hell breaks loose later that night, his girlfriend Jan Levinson (Melora Harden) destroys Michael's prized possession. Naturally, viewers would think that's the last time the TV would appear on "The Office." But nostalgically enough, the broken electronic shows up again in Season 7's "Garage Sale." And the fans love that the writers resurrected the living proof of Jan's ire.

"I just love small details like this," u/Low-Volume-8358 posted on Reddit. As a customer visits with Michael at the garage sale — conveniently housed in Dunder Mifflin's warehouse — the camera reveals the remains of the old television. "The small details like this are what make the show so memorable," u/Temporary_Meal_2706 wrote. And other fans of "The Office" absolutely agree.

Voila! Michael's busted flat-screen returns

"Dinner Party" remains a high-water mark for "The Office." Seeing Michael's beloved television trashed by Jan was an unforgettable moment that endeared the episode to fans. But enthusiasts of the NBC sitcom were equally thrilled when the bruised and beaten TV reappeared as a very clever Easter egg in Season 7's "Garage Sale."

"I never noticed this lol," u/DrClay23 wrote. "But I don't think he actually wanted to sell it he just wanted to tell people to get lost." The television makes its cameo while Michael and his girlfriend Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) man their garage sale goodies. The inclusion of the TV at the sale is a clever commentary that metaphorically juxtaposes Michael's destructive relationship with his old flame, Jan, against his true romance with the love of his life, Holly. Or, as u/Brendanlendan put it, "It was the end of his luxurious bachelor lifestyle."

For the deep-diving fandom, the television's presence at the garage sale represents Michael letting go of the past, and he calls Holly's father to ask for her hand in marriage in the scene immediately following the cold open. Aside from its representation of humor and heart, the reappearance of Michael's beloved TV also marks a bittersweet episode for fans. It is the final on-screen appearance of Ryan as Holly in the series, and during the heartfelt marriage proposal, Michael drops a bomb. He's eventually moving to Colorado for his bride-to-be.