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John Wick 4 Producer Erica Lee Promises You Don't Want To See The Nearly Four-Hour-Long Version

It's a question that previous generations never even fathomed, but which contemporary Hollywood finds itself grappling with on an almost daily basis: How much "John Wick" is too much "John Wick?"

And perhaps no one has had to put quite so much thought into it as Erica Lee, one of the producers of the rapidly expanding franchise that explores the blood-drenched, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"-esque domino rally of events following the squashing of an assassin's beagle. Fans of the "John Wick" movies might already know that the latest entry, "John Wick: Chapter 4," had to be trimmed down extensively after its initial cut came in at just shy of four hours. 

The folks over at Collider were certainly aware of this, and expressed excitement at the prospect of laying eyes on the original edit. Lee, who gets points for being a straight shooter, shot straight when the interviewer told her that she would have liked to see the three-hour and forty-five-minute version of the movie. "No, you wouldn't have," simply replied Lee.

According to producer Erica Lee, sometimes it's best to trim the Wick

For what it's worth, Erica Lee's insistence that fans of "John Wick" wouldn't want to see the version of his fourth outing with a Peter Jackson-adjacent runtime comes from a place of affection. It's not that she believes less "John Wick" is more "John Wick," it's that she likes her movies as, you know. Not a drag.

After promising that the editing process didn't require "that many big lifts," Lee went on to rip the band-aid off the way that only a studio boss can. "The 3:45 was so rough and boring in parts, and just a lot of ... I mean, it was not good," she said, before laughing and reassuring the world that "You didn't miss anything."

Still, fan discourse in a post-Snyder Cut world dictates that no movie is truly over until there's (arguably) too much of it. Pressed on the issue of whether devotees could expect a director's cut, Lee asserted that "John Wick: Chapter 4" director Chad Stahelski was happy with the version that made it to cinemas, while also leaving the door open. "I mean, I'm sure that's possible," she conceded.