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Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston Had A Comical Habit Of Sneaking Up On Fans

When it comes to legacies in the television realm, "Breaking Bad" is one series that is pretty much untouchable in the eyes of many. In fact, some hail the pitch-black crime drama as one of the most perfect TV shows ever made. And if you've seen all 63 episodes of "Breaking Bad," you know it's hard to argue the fact. You also know much of the series' magic spawned from the almost universally career-best work of its cast, and that the series has a rabid fanbase befitting its small-screen legacy.

As for those cast mates, they have, on occasion, gotten back together to talk over that legacy. They did so in high fashion back in 2018, fielding questions from none other than Conan O'Brien during one of his famed San Diego Comic-Con panels. And when star Bryan Cranston was asked what it's like to come across fans sporting "Breaking Bad" gear on the street, he admitted that he not only refuses to give them a wide berth but hilariously makes it a point to sneak up on them and say hi. "I'm attracted to them, in a very quiet way," Cranston said, adding, "I like to walk up to them, saddle up to them and say [in affected Walter White tone] 'I like your t-shirt.'"

Cranston clearly gets a kick out of surprising Breaking Bad fans on the street

Cranston told that story chuckling every step of the way, clearly reveling in the chance to give fans such once-in-a-lifetime encounters. He added that said fans are typically taken aback when he first approached them. "They kind of recoil and go, 'who's this?'" adding that when they realized who they were talking to, he casually put a finger to his lips implying that they should keep quiet.

As Cranston continued to recount such encounters, he laughed, "And then I walk away as quick as possible." He went on to say, "I have this fantasy in my mind that they go to their friends and go, 'You're never gonna believe what I just saw, it was Bryan Cranston!'" And as Cranston's fantasy goes, said stories are met with utter disbelief. 

Conan promptly pointed out Cranston has a history of mugging "Breaking Bad" fans in public, reminding the actor of his 2013 trip to San Diego Comic-Con in which he walked the floors in a prosthetic Walter White mask. Cranston claimed that the almost comically absurd tactic worked out pretty well and allowed him to do something few stars get a chance to do — walk relatively unabated amongst their fans. If you know anything about "Breaking Bad" fans, you know they are indeed a devoted lot. And it's nice to see Cranston is not shy about giving a little of that love back to them.