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Who Plays Jackson On Netflix's Unstable?

As Ellis Dragon on Netflix's "Unstable," Rob Lowe's biotech genius character is brilliant, impossibly handsome, and just as narcissistic as that combination might suggest. Lowe is the first to admit that he has plenty in common with the sunny, envelope-pushing Ellis. "It's definitely my worldview and essence, on steroids," the actor told the New York Times.

But Ellis is in a tailspin following the passing of his wife, and his coping mechanisms — poring over sad dog videos, in-office nudity — are troubling to his biotech company's CFO, Anna (Sian Clifford). Enter Jackson, Ellis' son, who the company brings in to stabilize things. Unfortunately, the pair don't exactly see eye to eye, and Jackson spends much of the series throwing barbs at his innovative, yet egocentric, father.

John Owen Lowe, who plays Jackson, has had a lifetime of practice as Rob's real-life son. "I've made fun of him my whole life," John Owen told the Times. "It's our love language." Indeed, John Owen and Rob were able to use their relationship as the seeds for "Unstable," and according to Netflix fans, the result is worth the watch.

John Owen and Rob Lowe's relationship inspired Unstable

Much like his "Unstable" character, John Owen Lowe attempted to separate himself from the family business by studying science technology at Stanford. After graduating, however, he pivoted to writing and acting. His credits include a number of Rob Lowe-starring projects, including writing for "9-1-1: Lone Star" and acting in "The Grinder" and "Holiday in the Wild."

But constantly working with his dad weighed on the younger Lowe. "The proximity to my dad was driving me insane, the idea of never escaping his shadow," John Owen told the Times. "I had a weekly phone call with my manager and agent where they basically served as de facto therapists. I would say, 'I'm going crazy. I'll never separate from him. Is this my destiny?' They would laugh at my pain, but I thought to myself, 'Maybe there's something interesting here, like, this might be a show.'"

With "Unstable," John Owen is using that proximity as a form of catharsis — and securing an executive producer credit can't hurt either. It's also been an unlikely bonding exercise. "It's sweet and rewarding, honestly, to act with him."