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Who Plays Zenzi Mwale On Netflix's Unseen?

Netflix's crime-thriller series "Unseen" certainly makes for one of the most gripping TV shows of 2023 with its twist-filled narrative, but there's no denying that a major element of why the series works as well as it does is its compelling lead character. Zenzi Mwale, an ostensibly meek cleaning lady, spends the series secretly trying to locate her missing husband. The character starts out the show sympathetic enough, but her quest puts her in contact with some downright seedy characters, and watching as she embraces that darkness to see her own goals through is equal parts entertaining and horrifying.

Many viewers of "Unseen" may find themselves coming away from the series impressed by the performance that Zenzi's actress gave and wishing to know more about who she is. As it turns out, Zenzi is portrayed by Gail Mabalane, a popular and prolific South African actress with an impressive career background spanning across multiple entertainment mediums.

Gail Mabalane is a jack-of-all-trades

Throughout her career, Gail Mabalane has appeared in several notable South African productions, including the popular soap opera series "Generations: The Legacy" and "Rockville," as well as the 2021 action-mystery movie "Indemnity." It's also worth mentioning that "Unseen" actually isn't the first time she's worked with Netflix. Since 2020, Mabalane has starred on the cast for the streaming platform's crime-drama series "Blood & Water," which follows teenage student Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata) as she seeks out her long-lost sister at an elite high school. Mabalane portrays Puleng's mother Thandeka throughout the series.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that acting is just one facet of Mabalane's many creative ventures. She's had a history of professional modeling since she was a child, and she's got musical talent to boot, having competed on the popular music reality TV series "Idols South Africa." Beyond that, Mabalane runs a hair care product line called Ethnogenics and she even hosts workshop panels dedicated to speaking about her experiences as both an entertainer and a businesswoman. Suffice to say, there rarely seems to be a dull moment for the actress.

With a wider array of eyes on Mabalane than ever before thanks to her role as the lead of "Unseen," it seems likely that the performer's star power will continue growing as time goes on. Only time will tell where audiences will end up seeing her next — and what fresh creative venture she'll inevitably be embarking on this time around.