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Candace Cameron Bure's Soapy Situation During A Fake Hallmark Movie Snowfall

Hallmark's war for domination of the holiday spirit has caused many changes in the cultural landscape, ranging from the warping of the public's perception of how nice their houses need to look in December to the explosion of expectations regarding princes per capita in small-town America. But even knowing this, some of the ways that Hallmark Christmas movies have affected reality might surprise you.

For example, snow is hard to come by in the hotter months, when Hallmark often films its Christmas movies, so to stand in for falling snow, production crews opt for the fake stuff: soap bubbles. Lots of bubbles. So many bubbles that, if you kept the shots in close-up, it would achieve the goal of looking like the characters are in a blizzard. The only problem is, that much soap isn't great for your hair, with Candace Cameron Bure's turning solid on the set of "A Christmas Detour."

Hallmark, Candace Cameron Bure, and the struggle to find snow in Toronto

As a result of the artistic decision to replace snow with bubbles, Candace Cameron Bure's hair became weighed down with soap, her luxuriant locks "literally concrete," according to the film's director, Ron Oliver. It gets worse. "And she had soap in her mouth," he told Insider, going on to recall that the bubble-blowing machine made so much noise that the performer was forced to return later and dub her lines, trying to match the same tone and energy that she had on the day when she likely felt like she'd just been brutally assaulted by Mr. Clean.

It wouldn't be the holidays without a happy ending, though, so we'll give you one. If you ever start to feel sorry for the performers in Hallmark's never-ending carousel of Christmas movies, know that Oliver also has a secret way of keeping everyone in high spirits after their mouths are filled with soap: filling their mouths with delicious cocktails at a local Vancouver tiki bar instead.