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What's The Song In Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Where Misty Goes To Meet Walter?

There are a lot of twisted, weird characters in "Yellowjackets," and Christina Ricci's Misty might take the cake for the strangest when push comes to shove. A persistently, often irritatingly chipper presence as both a teenager and an adult — with teen Misty played by Ricci's young doppelganger Sammi Hanratty — Misty is particularly creepy because of how dark she actually is. 

Season 2 presents Misty with a new character who could be an ally or a nemesis — Elijah Wood's Walter, an amateur sleuth trying to figure out what really happened to the murdered Adam (Peter Gadiot). As Misty heads to meet Walter in the Season 3 episode "Digestif," the show's '90s soundtrack kicks into high gear, choosing "Seether" by Veruca Salt to play over the scene.

As an adult, Misty's already committed murder herself and knows exactly how to dispose of a dead body. She also helped get rid of Adam's body after her teammate Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) stabbed him and knows precisely what happened, so she has to mislead Walter as much as possible to protect the Yellowjackets' treasure trove of secrets

So why is "Seether" so perfect for her meeting with Walter?

Seether is an ideal song for someone like Misty

"Seether," which came out in the fall of 1994, focuses on something very specific to someone like Misty: female rage. Written by Veruca Salt vocalist and guitarist Nina Gordon, the band has been vocal that the subject is feminine anger, a feeling that society often prevents women from fully expressing.

The lyrics talk about a "seether" the singer can't control, despite trying to "keep her on a short leash"; ultimately, she decides that the seether can't be contained. This is perfectly suited to Misty, whose cheery exterior hides a seriously dark, twisted soul. In Season 1, Misty kidnaps a reporter, Jessica Roberts (Rekha Sharma), holding her hostage in her home and ultimately poisoning her just as she sets the woman free. No matter what messed up thing she's doing, Misty's got a sweet little smile on her face.

Walter is definitely digging into a place Misty doesn't like, so it remains to be seen if Misty's "seether" will be released this season. "Yellowjackets" airs on Sunday nights on Showtime.