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Michelle Rodriguez Claims Fast X Will Leave You Feeling Incomplete

It's an old show business maxim to "always leave the audience wanting more." Which, put another way, could be the same thing as leaving audiences with an incomplete, unfinished feeling, even though it's a little more unusual to hear terms like that used to sell a movie. But Michelle Rodriguez recently promised that viewers of the upcoming "Fast X" will feel "a little incomplete" when the movie ends, and it's somehow a pretty intriguing bit of promotion.

It happened during an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" (YouTube), when Rodriguez was asked by Clarkson whether she can reveal anything about "Fast X." Rodriguez's responded by telling Clarkson she had just seen the film for the first time, presumably in its finished version, and that it successfully resolved all the reservations she had about trying to top the franchise's last entry and its infamous car-in-space scene. "I was literally like, 'what could we possibly do to top this?'," remembered Rodriguez.

"You're gonna be left a little incomplete after the movie's over," Rodriguez went on, referring to the end of the upcoming "Fast X." While that doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing on its own, leading as it is into whatever the next "Fast and Furious" movie will be called, it's probably better than the alternative.

She's probably teasing some kind of cliffhanger ending

Watching Michelle Rodgriguez promise audiences an "incomplete" feeling after the end of "Fast X," you can sense that the live audience at "The Kelly Clarkson Show" doesn't quite know how to respond. But as you can see in the clip above, Clarkson herself seems intrigued and delighted by the teaser, and it seems likely that Rodriguez is probably alluding to some kind of cliffhanger ending that will lead to the next (and possibly final?) installment of the long-running "Fast and Furious" franchise and its somewhat complicated timeline.

"You're gonna be like, 'wait a minute, no no no, movies don't end like this,'" promised Rodriguez.

For a franchise that has taken a lot of twists and turns over its 20+ years on screen, it's exciting to contemplate that, according to Rodriguez at least, "Fast X" is still going to manage to surprise audiences. As to additional details, she stayed mum during the interview, and it's possible that she has already said too much.

Fans will find out together whether feeling "incomplete" at the end of a movie can still be satisfying when "Fast X" hits theaters on May 19, 2023.