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Who Plays Hawkins In The Night Agent?

Viewers enjoying "The Night Agent" on Netflix have made the show the latest hit for the streaming platform, and some of the credit for that belongs to the show's supporting cast of characters. That includes FBI Deputy Director Hawkins, who appears in two episodes of the show's first season. The show's hero Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) eventually learns that Hawkins isn't to be trusted, but perhaps he should have known that all along given the man who plays the director — a legendary character actor who has made villains and scumbags into his specialty (although he's played a few heroes over the course of his career).

It's Robert Patrick, best known to audiences as one of the most iconic film antagonists of all time: the liquid metal shape-shifting T-1000 in James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." But Patrick has played a few other characters that are only a little less notable than the T-1000, like the pathetic Davey Scatino on a very memorable three-episode run of "The Sopranos." He also voiced adventurer Race Bannon on "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" in the 1990s. And when you look at his entire body of work, that's really only the tip of the mimetic polyalloy.

Robert Patrick has almost 170 acting credits and counting to his name

Robert Patrick is one of those actors who is almost universally recognized by and associated with a single role (in this case, the T-1000) but has worked prolifically in both film and television outside of that character. His signature role is so famous that he's managed to play it (or parodies of it) a few other times, as in "Last Action Hero" or the "Wayne's World" movie.

But a look at Patrick's IMDb page shows a whole universe of performances completely unrelated to the role that made him — if not a household name — a household face. Just a handful of roles before "Terminator 2" (including an appearance in "Die Hard 2"), Patrick went on to appear on an episode of HBO's "Tales from the Crypt," the Albert Pyun actioner "Hong Kong 97" (one of his few starring roles in films), "The X-Files," and even a Meat Loaf music video.

More recently, Patrick has been racking up credits in prestige TV shows like the "Yellowstone" prequel "1923," "Peacemaker," "Goliath," "The Walking Dead," and the HBO "Perry Mason" revival.

Patrick is known primarily for his sinister roles, and he's played more than his share of bad cops, so the role of an FBI director possibly involved in a Russian espionage conspiracy on "The Night Agent" is right up his alley. Hopefully, fans of the actor have plenty more shady characters with his distinctive growl to look forward to.