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Junji Ito's Bloodsucking Darkness Manga Is Getting The Live-Action Treatment

Fans of visceral body horror are undoubtedly familiar with Junji Ito, the manga artist who's been compared to David Cronenberg in the past. Famed for works such as "Tomie" and "Uzumaki," Ito's brand of scare fare is concerned with social anxieties and fear of the unknown, and he projects his bleak ideas in nightmarish and grotesque ways that linger in one's consciousness for days afterward.

While some of Ito's works have been adapted in the past, movies and shows based on his stories aren't as common as they should be. However, that could all be set to change thanks to Fangoria Studios. According to Variety, the horror film and TV company is working on a live-action adaptation of Ito's "Bloodsucking Darkness," and a big name has been hired to oversee the proceedings. Furthermore, it's the first of three projects that Fangoria plans to adapt from Ito's "Smashed: Junji Ito Story Collection."

Jeff Howard, a frequent collaborator of horror maestro Mike Flanagan, has been tapped to develop the adaptation — and both he and Ito are excited to see the project come to fruition.

Junji Ito and Jeff Howard are looking forward to unleashing Bloodsucking Darkness

"Smashed: The Junji Ito Collection" is a graphic novel short story collection that chronicles tales of terror involving everything from ghosts to vampires and more. As the title suggests, "Bloodsucking Darkness" is a vampire-themed slice of fright fare about a teenage girl who tries to cure her eating disorder with the assistance of some bats. What could go wrong?

It remains to be seen how Jeff Howard and Fangoria Studios will interpret Ito's bizarre story. That said, Ito, who will also serve as an executive producer, is looking forward to seeing his vision on the screen. "Fangoria Studios is going to adapt my manga! I'm so excited to see how it will turn out," the manga artist revealed in a press release obtained by Variety. "I hope I get to see the trailer in my dreams tonight."

Meanwhile, Howard claims that he's been excited about the project since the moment it was announced, and it's the type of horror that excites him as a creator. "When I found out a live-action Junji Ito adaptation was going to happen, I chased after it with everything I had, because I just couldn't live with anyone else getting there before me," he said. "The combination of fear and feelings is where I always want to be."

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