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Ted Lasso Fans Praise The Series' Portrayal Of Female Friendships

There's something special about how "Ted Lasso" portrays life; yes, it's extremely heartwarming, but it also doesn't shy away from the difficulties of life and does so with the utmost care. One of the series' most endearing aspects is an approach to friendships — some might be surprising, while others feel destined to happen. Keeley (Juno Temple) and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) represent one of those surprising but ultimately rewarding pairings. They may not have seemed like a likely set of BFFs at first, yet their fast camaraderie is a series highlight. What makes them all the more remarkable is how much the Apple TV+ series' writers seem to respect them, understanding a real, healthy female friendship.

Fans of the award-winning comedy are loving how writers have avoided the usual tropes surrounding two women leads in a TV show. "It is so refreshing to see well written women," wrote u/imightb2old4this. That sentiment is shared throughout Reddit threads celebrating two outstanding characters. "YES! We deserved those women," answered u/Hungry_Light_2559.

Fans love the bond between Keeley and Rebecca

Viewers have pointed to several instances that helped establish the friendship without any toxicity. u/booktrovert mentioned two key moments for the pair that upended tropes. The first revolved around Rebecca setting up Keeley and Ted (Jason Sudeikis) for a photo shoot that was sure to cause scandal. "It didn't become Keeley vs. Rebecca about the photos. Keeley called her on it, Rebecca admitted it, and they moved on and became closer friends." The Redditor also appreciated how Keeley didn't compete for Rebecca's attention when Sassy (Ellie Taylor), Rebecca's oldest friend, was introduced. "Keeley and Sassy just became friends. Keeley doesn't get jealous when Rebecca refers to Sassy as her best mate. She just thinks Sassy is amazing (she is)."

Season 3 may see the pair separated as colleagues as Keeley now runs her own PR firm, but the two still see each other plenty. "Can I just say how much I love that Keeley still sits with Rebecca in the owners' box even though she no longer has an association with the team anymore," posted u/Muppetmethdealer2 (though Keeley does still represent Bantr, the team's sponsor). Others noted that Keeley has taken on much of Rebecca's fashion sense while heading a new business. Some users saw Keeley as emulating not only a friend but someone she sees as a successful businesswoman.

Female fans are not alone in seeing how well this duo works together. "Male perspective here, but the scene with Rebecca and Keeley just gushing support and love for each other as Keeley reports on her new PR firm was something I had never seen before," wrote u/Palani0814, concluding by quoting Rebecca's tear-jerking wisdom to Keeley, "Advice: hire your best friend."