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American Pickers Paid $2,200 To Save A Lion Oil Sign From Being Stolen

It was a sunny day in central Arkansas when the stars of "American Pickers" came a-pickin', as is their way. What none of them could have known, and what we will never forget, is that they would leave that day in possession of a $2,200 Lion Oil sign, to say nothing of that priceless sense of accomplishment that comes with having done a good deed.

See, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz — those are the American Pickers, you understand — were at the property of a gentleman named Art during the events of the season 20 bonus episode "Picking Pirates." Art's father had passed away, leaving him with the family home where he grew up, but darn it all, there was a complication. It seems Art was having problems with vandals breaking into the house, tearing it apart, and snatching what they so pleased. Piles of detritus stretched from one side of the property to the other, marking the spots where the criminals had done their sordid deeds.

In order to thwart future would-be marauders, cutpurses, and brigands, Art stashed some of the more potentially valuable relics on the property in a trailer, hoping to sell the pieces to prevent his property from being stolen. It was in that trailer that Fritz and Wolfe found an absolute gem of a Lion Oil sign — the sort that a person might well pay $2,200 for.

American Pickers went and picked of the $2,200 sign

"So this sign is in great shape," remarked Frank Fritz of the Lion Oil sign. "It's double-sided, it's got great graphics on it." To the eye of a seasoned collector, the only flaw worth pointing out was a dainty bullet hole through the top of the "O" in the word "Lion."

There's a time for picking and a time for business, and Fritz was ready to deal. "I think retail on this would be, probably, around $3,000" Fritz estimated. "That'd be having it in the shop," he continued, alluding to the sign's future in the "American Pickers" store – a much safer place than Art's vandal-overrun place. Fritz's conclusion: "I'd do $2,200 on it."

After a moment of intense consideration, Art looked out from under his newsboy cap to declare that the price sounded fair. Hands were shaken. More than that, though? Hearts were touched.

"Mike and Frank are great guys," Art said in an interview played over shots of the boys packing up. "I really, really feel like I've known them for years." And with that, the American Pickers drove off into the sunset, no doubt wondering what American pickings awaited them on the other side of tomorrow.