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D&D: Honor Among Thieves' Rege Jean-Page Has The Perfect Idea For Xenk's Return

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" brings the tabletop game to the big screen in spectacular fashion. As is the case with any good "D&D" campaign, there are plenty of great characters who can have no shortage of adventures in front of them. One such character is Xenk Yendar (Regé-Jean Page), a paladin who assists Edgin (Chris Pine) and his motley crew of misfits in their journey to stop the treacherous Forge (Hugh Grant) and his Red Wizard companion.

Given the inherent fanbase present within the "D&D" game, there's definitely the potential for the movie to spawn a series and potentially even spinoffs focused on different characters. Page was asked by Geek & Sundry about his character could factor into future "D&D" movies, especially if it takes on an anthology format, following a new band of heroes in each installment. Xenk could pop up in each one to lend a helping hand, and Page even joked, "Xenk may be the secret Dungeon Master. That might be the big secret behind this character." His character does age more slowly than regular humans, so spinoffs could even take place in different eras with him being around.

Xenk has a lot of potential

"Dungeons & Dragons" definitely seems to have a lucrative future in front of it, regardless of the film side of things. Paramount+ has greenlit a "D&D" series, although no real details exist yet concerning what it would be about and whether it would connect meaningfully to "Honor Among Thieves." This is clearly a franchise Paramount wants to pursue, and depending on how things shake out at the box office, "Honor Among Thieves" could just be the beginning.

It's unlikely Regé-Jean Page knows what his future in the franchise entails, but he certainly appears interested in continuing to play this role. He went on to say, "I'm just this NPC that pops in, little bit like Uatu the Watcher [from Marvel's 'What If...?'], like I'm just here to kind of nudge you in the right direction and then let you guys fly." Although Page seems to think the interviewer has an ulterior motive for wanting to see Xenk again: "You just want to see Xenk suffer; you want to see me get so exasperated."

Regardless of how Xenk's feeling in a potential "D&D" follow-up, his return would be a welcome sight for fans. "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" comes out in theaters on March 31.