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The Time Kevin Sussman Accidentally Bit Into A Duck Beak On Big Bang Theory

Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman) might own his own comic book store and be friends with niche celebrities like Wil Wheaton, but he's not exactly the coolest guy in Pasadena. He's often forgotten by Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) gang and endures some pretty embarrassing moments when it comes to his dating life. Behind the scenes, Sussman also experienced a few cringey encounters, including one involving an unwelcome snack while on set.

In an interview with Celebrity Biograph, when asked to share a new tidbit from his years on "The Big Bang Theory," Sussman didn't hesitate to recall a particular instance. "I once unwittingly backstage bit into a duck beak because it was really dark back there while they were taping, and they had a tray of duck," Sussman said. "And when I was eating it, I just thought it was really well done."

However, upon bringing his meal over to a lamp, he discovered the truth: "I was like, 'Oh no, I bit a beak!'" It also didn't help that Sussman had to go on set for a Stuart scene directly after. Still, he found humor in the situation and even snapped a photo for his friend and co-star Mayim Bialik, who portrays Amy Farrah Fowler: "She's a vegan, so she just wanted to be completely disgusted."

Given the special and unique connection between Sussman and Bialik, it makes sense that she was the first to hear about his bird mishap.

Kevin Sussman and Mayim Bialik both suffer from anxiety

On "The Big Bang Theory," Stuart Bloom forms a bond with Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) over their loneliness. But in real life, Kevin Sussman and Mayim Bialik are kindred, anxiety-prone spirits. During an installment of "Mayim Bialik's Breakdown," the two are very candid about their respective mental health struggles and the impact these experiences have had on their acting careers.

For Sussman, he's able to calm his nerves before a big filming day by fully preparing and getting into character. But for "The Big Bang Theory," which ran on a very tight schedule, he didn't always have this luxury. Shooting took place three days a week, which meant the cast only ran lines a few times. He told Bialik, "I tenaciously guard any preparation time that I can get ... It's less getting up in front of people, that's not what creates the anxiety for me. It's feeling unprepared."

Swallowing an unexpected duck beak could have easily thrown Sussman's focus off course, especially since he was due on set directly after. Thankfully, he was able to confide in Bialik and immerse himself in the role of Stuart, beak breath and all.