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D&D: Honor Among Thieves: Simon's Lineage Is A Gamechanger For The Franchise

Contains spoilers for "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves"

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" introduces audiences to the Forgotten Realms and the delightful band of misfits that live in it. While the entire cast shines in their own ways, Justice Smith's Simon Aumar will spark a particular interest in long-time fans of the tabletop RPG as a descendant of legendary wizard Elminster Aumar.

When audiences meet Simon, he's a lackluster sorcerer struggling with self-doubt and confidence issues. Most of his problems stem from his family name, Aumar, and not living up to the potential that comes with it. You see, Elminster Aumar is one of the most legendary wizards in all of the "D&D" lore, and he just so happens to be Simon's great-great-grandfather.

Elminster actually appears in "Honor Among Thieves," manifesting as the mental blockade that prevents Simon from attuning with the helmet of Mordenkainen's Disjunction. The film does an excellent job of not only connecting to "D&D" lore but showing how a character like Simon is affected by being a descendant of a legend like Elminster. Although the lore says Elminster has had many lovers, he only had one confirmed child, so "Honor Among Thieves" connecting Simon to him signifies a major connection between the movie and the overall "D&D" history.

Who is Elminster Aumar?

To say that Elminster Aumar is a legendary figure within the world of "Dungeons & Dragons" is actually an understatement. To relate it to another fantasy series, the reveal of Simon being his descendant is akin to finding out a character is the great-great-grandson of Gandalf. It's a big deal.

As most hero origins begin, a villainous mage killed Elminster's parents when he was a young boy, setting him on a path destined for greatness. Like many characters in "D&D," which "Honor Among Thieves" showcases, he began his journey as a bandit and thief. He despised spellcasters because of his parents' death but eventually learned how to harness the arcane after the goddess of magic, Mystra, turned him into a woman. After returning to his original gender, Elminster used magic to reclaim his family's kingdom but relinquished the throne, choosing a life of adventure instead.

He continued traveling across Faerûn with divine aid from Mystra, continuing his magical studies amongst the elves and becoming the first human granted access to Cormanthor. He played a significant factor in establishing the city's magical protection wards and even defended it in a massive battle against the Army of Darkness.

For the next few centuries, Elminster continued to grow his magical abilities, fighting in countless wars and traveling to other planes of existence. He earned the nickname the "Old Mage" for his prolonged life, which he used to fend off forces of darkness and help aspiring adventurers in their quests, earning him the title of "Sage of Shadowdale."

Fans will have to wait to find out if this film adaptation of "Dungeons & Dragons" receives a sequel, and if Simon will continue to follow in the footsteps of his ancestor.