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Rick And Morty Fans Love Rick's Crybaby Backstory - Maybe He's Not A Nihilist

Season 5 of "Rick and Morty" may have been off-putting for some fans, but the major reveal of Rick Sanchez's origins in the season finale, "RIckmurai Jack," finally unleashed the mysterious backstory of the alcoholic super genius in all its heartbreaking detail. 

In one moment during the episode, Morty tries pressing Rick on his connection to the Citadel. Rick hands Morty a device that allows him to view Rick's backstory. The following montage showcases Rick on a thirst-quenching quest for revenge against the Rick who killed his wife Diane and daughter Beth. His hunt sees countless other Ricks be demolished and only ends when he tires of the chase. More important than the details of his origin are the implications the reveal leaves about Rick, someone whose extreme pessimism acts only as a mask for the pain he harbors for his lost loved ones. 

Rick has always had somber aspects to his character, but fans seeing the flashback on YouTube such as @jimkhan1342 are now more clear than ever on Rick's true mindset. "What I like about this backstory is that it proves Rick isn't a nihilist," they commented, adding that any of Rick's nihilistic thoughts were likely a lie to himself. "He wanted to believe that his family meant nothing, but it meant everything to him." Such an intriguing reveal opened up the minds of plenty of other fans as well. 

Rick's backstory paints a tragic picture

Rick's backstory reveal in "Rickmurai Jack" not only presented his hardships, but also gave fans a window into further understanding his moral code, or lack thereof. Getting such information by the end of Season 5 only enhanced the reveal, with @patriot459 on YouTube writing, "It made perfect sense and makes everything from season one more important. That's a testament to good writing." 

And it's that stellar writing that has others thinking deeper about the flashback's implications. Many were fascinated with how Rick's origins tie in with his current familial relationships, especially given that he was never able to witness his Beth grow up. His longing for such a connection still can only be fulfilled by one person according to @freebird264. "He never got to see Beth grow up," they commented. "But Morty is closest to the age his Beth was when she was murdered, so with Morty around he at least has a chance to try and be a parent to a child again."

At the end of the day, Rick's heart-wrenching journey paints a painful portrait of a person who's lost a lot and is yearning to reconnect with any feeling of semblance. His actions may not be the most commendable, but they ultimately come from a place of love and loss. As @babytuber161 put it best, "He is not a good man nor a terrible one, but he is an example of what happens when you lose too much."