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Blue Bloods' Abigail Hawk Adopted Tom Selleck's Shooting Schedule (& It's Worked Wonders)

While she is not part of the Reagan family, detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) is known as being one of Frank Reagan's (Tom Selleck) most trusted allies in "Blue Bloods." Even though she accomplishes an assortment of duties in the series, part of Baker's job entails following Commissioner Reagan's schedule pretty closely, something the actress shockingly does off-camera with the actor's shooting timetable.

The demanding schedule that is required of those involved when shooting a popular TV series can be a daunting affair, especially if the production takes place on the opposite side of the country, which happens to be the case for some of the stars on the New York-based police procedural. Fortunately for those on the CBS series, long-time TV veteran Tom Selleck has concocted a master plan for dealing with such a conundrum, and his costar Abigail Hawk didn't waste any time adapting the well-crafted strategy. "I really work on Tom's schedule, which is great. He kind of bookends his episodes together," the actress said in an interview with The Actor's Audience on YouTube. "He'll film like the last four days of one episode and then the first four days of the next and then he goes back out to LA to be with his family. So that whole time, I can either work on another project or I'm home with my kids. I'm telling you, it's the best gig in the world." While it's no secret that Hawk admires Selleck's time management while shooting "Blue Bloods," some might be surprised to learn how the actress feels about working with the show's leading man.

Hawk hails Selleck as a champion

There have been challenges Abigail Hawk has had to overcome while playing Detective Abigail Baker on "Blue Bloods," but out of all she has had to endure, working with Tom Selleck was most certainly not one of them. In fact, her experience with the show's star has been worthwhile and inspiring for the actress. "I absolutely adore Tom and I'm exceedingly grateful for him. He has really been a huge champion of mine," Hawk said in an interview with PopCulture.com. "I appreciate the fact that he recognized that I had a lot I want to say in the industry and he's a huge advocate for women." The actress also commended his ability to see her as an equal despite Selleck being a seasoned player in the industry. "I have a seat at the table with him if that makes sense. Even though I'm much younger than him, much greener in every sense of the word, he never makes me feel less than... We talk on the same level."

It seems pretty clear that Selleck and Hawk have a stellar working relationship on the show, and the actor that plays Frank Reagan has tremendous respect and adoration for his co-star. He even covered for the actress's absence after her pregnancy. "Tom Selleck literally rewrote a scene around the delivery of my son, which is a pretty awesome legacy," Abigail Hawk said in an interview. When taking Hawk's testimony into account, Selleck is truly an amazing actor that also knows how to work a schedule in his favor no matter what the situation entails.