James Allen McCune Claims That Norman Reedus Wore Women's Underwear On TWD

Although the majority of AMC's "The Walking Dead" has been led by Andrew Lincoln (who played series lead Rick Grimes in seasons 1 through 9), it's safe to say that the true breakout star of the series was Norman Reedus — who plays Rick's right hand man and fellow survivor Daryl Dixon. From his very first appearance, Daryl endeared himself to millions of fans across the world with his iconic crossbow, his love of motorcycles, and his strong loyalty to the group.

Another lesser-known character trait of Daryl Dixon, at least according to actor James Allen McCune, is that he apparently wears women's underwear — something that Norman Reedus added to the character to see if anybody would ever notice. "Daryl does," McCune explained during an AMA on Reddit. "[Reedus] was telling me that on a few occasions he wore [it] in the hopes that at some point the lace would show, and someone might catch it. I don't think he was actually implying anything for his character, other than he wears what he can find."

The idea that Norman Reedus went out of his way to wear women's underwear throughout his time on "The Walking Dead," just as a joke, is undeniably hilarious — and fans will no doubt keep an eye out for these eccentric undergarments the next time they rewatch the series.

This isn't the first time Reedus has worn women's underwear on set

Though it's certainly quite the revelation that Daryl Dixon might be wearing ladies' underwear anytime you see him on "The Walking Dead," it's worth noting that this isn't the first time that Norman Reedus has gone out of his way to wear women's underwear on set.

In an Instagram post from 2021, Reedus shared footage of himself from the 2013 crime comedy film "Pawn Shop Chronicles," in which he starred alongside actors like Brendan Fraser, Elijah Wood, and Paul Walker as a meth dealer named Stanley. Although Stanley is only ever seen in a gas mask and apron, Reedus revealed in the caption that he actually wore women's underwear for this shoot too, saying, "Under that smock I wore pink panties which made it awkward leaping over the bar while somebody blasted a shotgun at me."

The fact that there are now two separate accounts of Reedus wearing women's underwear for a role makes it seem like he's really committed to this bit, even if none of the footage of said underwear makes it into the final cut. In any case, "Walking Dead" fans will have to be on the lookout during the upcoming Daryl Dixon spinoff series to see if this peculiar character quirk remains intact during his new adventure in France.