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Yellowjackets: Christina Ricci Provides Insight On The Baby Cannibalism Theory

"Yellowjackets" has many unanswered questions that fans are dying to have answered. First and foremost is the fate of teen Shauna's (Sophie Nélisse) baby, which has yet to be confirmed. Because of Callie's (Sarah Desjardins) age, we know she is not Shauna's firstborn, leaving a question mark over the events in the Canadian wilderness. With what we know about the dark path the Yellowjackets eventually go down, 1+1 = cannibalism. If the baby is nowhere to be found, it's a natural conclusion that the girls ultimately eat it. Even though showrunners insist that baby-eating is a line they won't cross, fans are still leaning hard into this theory. In a Q&A for Elle, one fan posed an interesting hypothesis connected to the name of Misty's (Christina Ricci) bird, Caligula. The namesake of the bird was a Roman Emperor famous for giving a cesarean and cannibalizing the baby. The fan asked Ricci if Misty is the one that helps Shauna deliver; maybe her child will have the same end. Luckily for Shauna, the actor quickly threw a wrench in that scenario.

"Recently it's been discovered that Caligula was not in fact a crazed anything," Ricci explained. "He was a really beloved Emperor and when the new regime came in, they wrote all of this propaganda basically to discredit Caligula." Though teen Misty (Samantha Hanratty) trashes the plane's black box and tries to poison Coach Ben (Steven Krueger), Ricci was quick to defend her quirky character.

Christina Ricci gets deep into Misty's psychology

Delving deep into a mind as twisted as Misty's can't be easy, but Christina Ricci takes it in stride. She even had an answer ready for the reason her character chose that specific name for her bird. And it wasn't because of the historical figure's infamy.

"I believe that Caligula is named Caligula because Caligula is someone who has been maligned historically, but is actually not what that person is on the surface," Ricci continued to a chorus of appreciation from her castmates. Ricci's in-depth responses show how well thought out her character is, even if it may be uncomfortable. Misty has done some reprehensible things, but she always has her reasons. And that strikes at the heart of the character's humanity. When asked what stood out as Misty's wildest moment, Ricci even had a complex response. However, it doesn't seem like her process is judging her character, and she views Misty with an open mind.

"I kind of get her logic, so I really do feel like most of her choices were incredibly pragmatic and made sense," Ricci reasoned. Operative word "most." Ricci amended that she wasn't a fan of imprisoning people against their will, as Misty did in Season 1. But Ricci didn't condemn her character's other activities that would land Misty in prison. Girls will be girls, after all. And there would be no "Yellowjackets" without Misty Quigley.