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Grey's Anatomy: The Off-Screen Meredith And Derek Moment That Had Fans Gushing

Plenty of couples have come and gone over the years on "Grey's Anatomy," though the relationship between Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) will surely go down as one of the show's best pairings. From the very beginning, their romance captivated viewers. Meredith and Derek's relationship wasn't always easy, but their will-they-won't-they tension kept fans on the edge of their seats. When this fictional couple got married, Meredith and Derek even had a real-life wedding registry. That palpable chemistry is due in part to Pompeo and Dempsey's off-screen friendship, a natural byproduct of years of working long hours together on set. However, fans are gushing over one specific interview that demonstrates how close Pompeo and Dempsey were when they both starred on the show.

The clip, posted by YouTube user @timcsike23, shows Pompeo on the set of "Grey's Anatomy" as she's being interviewed about what fans can expect from Season 5. As she's answering questions, Dempsey sneaks up behind his co-star and lands a kiss on her cheek. In response, Pompeo simply grins and continues to speak, as if this is a regular occurrence. It was enough to send longtime MerDer fans spiraling. "Did you see her start scratching her neck after he kissed her? She obviously loves him. Push one of epi," joked YouTube user @tylerrauh4029.

Years after Derek's tragic death, viewers still love this couple, regardless of whether they're onscreen or not. "I WISH THEY WERE TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE JFC," commented YouTube user @heck6356.

Grey's Anatomy fans can't get over Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey's chemistry

Even though Meredith and Derek's romance isn't endgame, viewers loved getting a glimpse into Pompeo and Dempsey's working relationship. "HER EYES LIT UP AND SHE DIDNT EVEN FLINCH SHE KNEW IT WAS HIM AND IT WAS LIKE THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME IM CRYING," wrote YouTube user @charley8688, who couldn't contain their excitement to lowercase letters.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans get to watch the rise and fall of their love story and seeing such a touching interaction between the actors feels like watching a never-before-aired MerDer scene. "When he came up [and] kissed her on the cheek you could see that they are totally comfortable with each other because it didn't even phase her that much," pointed out YouTube user @amarisilsbee8575.

As usual, the moment had fans swooning over McDreamy. "I just can't understand how someone can kiss the hottest guy on earth for 10 years or even longer and not fall in love with him," said YouTube user @olazofia9834. It's rare to see actors with such a strong connection and the show has struggled to replicate that intensity with subsequent pairings.

Thankfully, Derek's death did not mark his final appearance on the show. He made a surprise comeback in Season 17 when Meredith was in a coma, a storyline that allowed viewers to celebrate and grieve their relationship. With Meredith gone, it's anyone's guess as to who will be the "it" couple on Grey's Anatomy moving forward.