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Netflix's Who Were We Running From? Has Viewers Split On The Mother-Daughter Bond

Whether audiences are rooting for Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) on "Gilmore Girls" or the titular heroines of "Ginny & Georgia," it's clear that people love a good mother-daughter duo. "Who Were We Running From?" is a Turkish drama series that focuses on an unnamed mother, played by Melisa Sözen, and her teenage daughter, Bambi (Eylül Tumbar). These two lead a mysterious life; living out of luxury hotels, they constantly have to move because they're being pursued by law enforcement. In a world where they can't trust anyone, Bambi and her mother only have each other. It's a promising setup, but viewers aren't sure what to think about the dynamic between the main characters.

Some viewers love that Bambi and her mother are characterized as two sides of the same coin. "I love this mother-daughter duo already, the mom is so cool and badass, while her child looks and is so bubbly and sweet," said Twitter user @justiplas. However, other audience members found the mother controlling and manipulative. "The mom from #whowerewerunningfrom using her daughter as a therapist when Bambi has her own trauma – not having a home or friends or a normal life," wrote Twitter user @ChristinaMwiti. Another Twitter user named @Bodega__Barbie agreed that their relationship is unhealthy, writing, "This mother/daughter relationship worked bc she was able to completely isolate her child and preserve her innocence due to them living disconnected from society."

When it comes to Bambi and her mom, viewers definitely have mixed opinions. 

Bambi and her mother are morally gray characters

The mother in "Who Were We Running From?" has a few skeletons in her closet, but her entire existence is devoted to protecting her daughter. The concept of a mother willing to go the distance for her child resonated with some viewers. "I ain't gon' lie @netflix, #WhoWereWeRunningFrom was a little emotional. Definitely towards the end. Some good s*** though! The mother protected her young until she couldn't no more. Whew. Wiped me out," said Twitter user @True_Believer92.

However, the mother has a dark side that's had a huge impact on Bambi's upbringing. The resulting tension in their relationship is realistic enough to make you wonder if the series is based on true events. Other fans appreciate that the mother's twisted logic made more sense by the end of Season 1. "Just watched it & think I've worked out the mystery of why the mother is so full of rage against the world, constantly on the run, whilst smothering and isolating her daughter and now it all makes sense," said Reddit user u/spring_topaz. They continued: "Initially I assumed she was paranoid and delusional and being suffocating & clingy for her own selfish reasons. Wrong!"

Bambi and her mom are morally gray characters, and the audience's opinion of their relationship is equally murky. While Netflix's latest book-to-television adaptation struggles to define its characters, the narrative manages to lay the groundwork for another season should the series return.