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The Mother-Daughter Crime-Drama That Netflix Subscribers Can't Stop Binging

A major appeal of Netflix is how subscribers gain access to a wide variety of titles from around the world they may have never known existed otherwise. One such Turkish entry has really been rising through the Netflix ranks, cracking into the Top 10 TV Series at the moment — "Who Were We Running From?" Much like the title, there are numerous questions at the center of the plot, and it's up to viewers to determine what's really going on.

The show consists of a mother (Melisa Sözen) and her daughter, Bambi (Eylül Tumbar), on the run, living like fugitives from a mysterious past, and the mother tends to keep her daughter in the dark about what she's done. Each episode sees the pair in a different hotel, traveling throughout the country to escape capture. New secrets are uncovered, and with only seven episodes at roughly 45 minutes apiece, it makes for a tense binge-watch that will leave you enraptured until the final moments.

Reviewers praise how the first episode reels viewers in

Netflix has seen a great deal of success with crime dramas as of late, given the praise heaped onto "Luther: The Fallen Sun." But make no mistake, the streaming service's latest mystery series is its own beast about the lengths a mother will go to in order to protect her child, all while keeping her in the dark about why they live the way they do.

In addition to numerous viewers catching on to the riveting series, many reviewers have praised it for its unique storyline and compelling performances. The review for the show posted on Heaven of Horror drew attention to the latter: "These two women in the lead roles are amazing and carry the entire story on their backs. I especially enjoyed Melisa Sözen (star of the award-winning Winter Sleep) as the mother. I would definitely want her on my team during a zombie apocalypse. The alternative of being against her is terrifying."

Meanwhile, the review on The Envoy Web listed many positives, including "Who Were We Running From? brings a strong premiere episode that leaves you with a lot of questions. Also, the narrative implies that Bambi and her mother are running away from something, but there is also an uneasy feeling, which suggests that there is a lot more to this." Netflix has treated its subscribers to a plethora of new shows as of late, so make sure you don't let this one slip through the cracks.