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Final Sicario: Day Of The Soldado Trailer Sets The Stakes For War

The clock is ticking closer to Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the third and final trailer for its upcoming war-on-the-borderlands sequel to Denis Villeneuve's Sicario, and it's easily the most action-packed look at the upcoming off-books operation yet. See for yourself up above.

First and foremost, we would like to direct your attention to lead actor Josh Brolin, headlining his 87th movie of the nascent summer season. It's starting to feel like we see that guy every weekend, yeah?

Secondly, you'll notice that this trailer contains a little twist in tone from the first two trailers, which were rolled out over the course of the last five months. Where the first two first looks leaned into the sense of profound dread and terror put down by the original Sicario, this last trailer appears to show a little more of the movie's bolder, louder colors. 

That is to say: Crank the volume on this one when you play it. We've got gunshots, we've got 'splosions, we've got a skeleton dual-wielding pistols while draped in the flags of two nations. It looks incredible! We're taking our dad to see this one.

The second Sicario movie centers on Brolin and del Toro's undercover, US-aligned operatives as they kidnap a drug lord's daughter to inspire war between cartels, destabilizing the organizations for the benefit of the US. 

When Brolin's Matt Graver orders del Toro's Alejandro Gillick to assassinate the hostage after their mission goes south, Gillick refuses, setting off a conflict-within-a-conflict between the two clandestine, mega-violent agents that is certain to end in blood, tears, and maybe more.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado is directed by Stefano Sollima and written by Taylor Sheridan. The movie is set to hop the border, guns blazing, on June 29.