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Sons Of Anarchy: Theo Rossi Stole Quite A Few Props In The Show's Final Days

Fan-favorite Juice Ortiz might meet his demise in prison at the hands of Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) in the penultimate episode of "Sons of Anarchy," but Theo Rossi – the actor behind this SAMCRO member – didn't head home from set just yet. As Charlie Hunnam and his other co-stars began to work on the dramatic series finale, Rossi used his newfound free time –- and the fact that the showrunners were distracted –- to his advantage.

During a panel discussion at ComiConn, Rossi said, "It was cool, I got to take everything from the set while they all worked. I did. I took everything." Snagged items included a bullet-filled piece from the SAMCRO clubhouse, the gun placed with Clay Morrow's (Ron Perlman) dead body to make it look like he went out in a fight, and every finale script. "I was taking anything that wasn't nailed down while everybody was hugging and crying," Rossi admitted.

However, not everything Rossi snagged was for himself.

Theo Rossi created a memorabilia package for Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman may have portrayed murderous SAMCRO president Clay Morrow for six years, but the actor didn't feel any need to take a piece of memorabilia from the set. Luckily, just as Juice is always willing to lend a hand on "Sons of Anarchy," Theo Rossi looked out for his colleagues.

"Theo put together my package because I didn't want anything. I just wanted to walk away clean. But he made sure I had the gavel. He made sure I had my watch. He put together a beautiful package of great, great stuff that I'm really glad I did take with me because it fetched a lot of money on eBay," Perlman said with a laugh during the panel discussion at ComicConn. "I'm still living off some of that s*** right now."

Unlike Perlman, and similar to Rossi, leading man Charlie Hunnam also got his hands on as much as possible ... though he had his sights set on more than just guns and scripts. In fact, he snagged Jax Teller's motorcycle, but fans won't be seeing Hunnam zooming down the road anytime soon. He told Entertainment Tonight, "It's in my garage. It was like one of those weird things that a kid does. I stole it, but never used it."